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Saving the Savior - Did Christ Survive the Crucifixion?

"Saving the Savior: Did Christ Survive the Crucifixion?" outlines the explosive theory that Christ survived the crucifixion, travelled across what was then known as Asia, took up residence in Kashmir, and lived to the age of 120. It considers the philosophical and religious significance of this theory, and the effect it will have on Christian and Moslem thought. Some thirty illustrations and charts include photos of original language documents (with English translations) that record the sojourn of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion.

The evidence presented is well researched and documented. The author has gone out of his way to be objective and to provide as much background information as available. His sincerity is impressive, he makes it clear that this work is an overview and that there is a lot more research to be done. There is no public relations hyperbole or sensationalism in Saving the Savior, yet it is a powerful and compelling piece of work. It not only documents the truth about the life of Jesus, but discusses the five major groups that are engaged in an intense and sometimes violent struggle over his identity, and shows why they do not want you to know the truth.

This is one of the most important books on the Life of Jesus in print today. It is powerful, erudite and persuasive !

By Dharma Sivan, in Living Traditions Magazine, the Australian online review of contemporary spirituality,

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An immensely important book. P. Goddard, England

Offers a fresh new perspective on the subject, as well as compelling new evidence. Christopher John, Malaysia

This wonderful story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth explains his travels in the ancient world and his con-nections with India... great addition to any researcher's library. Numerous URLs for further research on the internet. Excellent gift for the Spiritual person, Researcher, Historian, or Arm-Chair Philosopher in your family. Graham Douglas Lincoln, Corydon, IN

A great number of historical references and pointers to additional information. Harold McFarland, Florida, Top 50 Reviewer

The bottom line for any seeker of the truth is simply this: buy this book and read it. If it doesn't open your eyes to the myths surrounding Jesus, nothing will. Larry Names, Wautoma WI

The Author, Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin, followed Islam and then Baha’i in his search for Truth. His website,, offers a wealth of fascinating images and info on the historical Jesus.

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