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ID code: Description
1984:  1984 by George Orwell (1955)
77RL:  7/7 Ripple Effect - Muad'Dib's video on the London Tube Bombings, with Ludicrous Diversion.
AAFF:  America, Freedom to Fascism; Aaron Russo Interview; Money as Debt; Peaches on the Fed
AMCD:  Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death - Flash Video CD for PC
AMPDS:  America, Freedom to Fascism - 9/11 Mysteries - Press for Truth - D. R. Griffin - Prof. Steven Jones.
BPIC:   The Big Picture by Maxwell Igan - Wake up the People to Stop the New World Order
CHAN:  9/11 Free Channel (6+ hours music video)
CRIS:  Crimes of Israel: Checkpoint; Gaza, the Killing Zone; Israel's Next War; Israel's Secret Weapon
DCEP:  (8SET) 9/11 Deception, DVD with 8 features. 1. Aftermath, 2. 9/11 Emergency Response Plan, 3. 9/11 Press for the Truth, 4. In Plane Site, 5. Hole in the Pentagon, 6. Oddities of Flight 93, 7. Loose Change II, 8. Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus.
DFFL:   Deutsche Experten zur 9/11 False Flag, with English Subtitles
DGCF:  DR Griffin, G Regas, 9/11, Am. Empire & Christian Faith
DGSM:  DR Griffin in Santa Barbara and in Madison WI
DYD:  Dust&Deceit + Beyond Treason + America's Dirty Bomb,
ECLP:  Economic Collapse
EGLS:  Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, What is the Truth? What is the Matrix?
ELF6:  Election Fraud 6-pak
EVRV:  Evidence of Revision
EYE:  9/11 Eyewitness (Video CD)
EZT:  The Easiest Targets - 7 short subjects on Zionist oppression in Palestine
F911:  Fahrenheit 911
FEDG:  History of the Federal Reserve, G Edward Griffin
FIAT:  Fiat Empire: Federal (Fraud) Reserve Bank
FKRY:  911 TV Fakery video
FSAH:  The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler
GCNS:  The Great Conspiracy - the News Special You Never Saw (Barrie Zwicker on 9/11)
GWAM:  The Great Global Warming Swindle
HOCH:  Secret History of CIA. Oil, Smoke and Mirrors. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. History of Oil.
HYCH:  History Channel 9/11 Hit Piece, Aug. 07
ILUM:  The Illuminati
IMLK:  The Immortality of Martin Luther King
IRAQ:  Iraq 6-Pak: Iraq, the Real Story - Iraq, the Hidden Story - Iraq for Sale - Beyond Treason - Road to Guantanamo - Why We Fight
LCDE:  Loose Change II auf Deutsch (synchronisiert, PAL-Norm - Plays on PC)
LFMS:  (LFMS) Loose Change Final Cut & 9/11 Mysteries - ambos con subtitulos en español
LINK:  9/11 Missing Links: Exposing 9/11 as a False Flag Op by Mossad and the Neocons
LODS:  Loose Change IV, Obama Deception, Aaron Russo: the Solution
MITU:  9/11 Made in the USA. 1: Loose Change. 2: 9/11 Eyewitness. 3: Case 9/11 Unsolved. 4: 7 Unanswered Questions of 9/11. 5: 9/11 Mysteries Preview
MMST:  The Money Masters
MPAK1:  MultiPack Vol. 1: Freechannel, Cspan LA Symposium, What's the Truth, Terrorstorm, Who Killed John O'Neill, 9/11 live footage, What we can do.
MPAK2:  MultiPack Vol. 2: 9/11 Eyewitness, 9/11 Commission Report; Loose Change 1st ed.
MRJM:  9/11 Mysteries, William Rodriguez, Prof. Steven Jones, Martial Law excerpts
MTLD:  9/11 Mysteries, Terror Storm, Loose Change, Dr. D. R. Griffin lecture, Copenhagen, 9/14/2006
MYLA:  My Land: A Story of Palestinians in Israel
MYLC:  9/11 Mysteries, Loose Change 2 Recut
NCON2:  Tarpley, Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Walter, Prof. S Jones, American Scholars Symposium, 9/11 and the NeoCon Agenda, Los Angeles, June 06
NEIL:  Who Killed John O'Neill?
NIPS:  9/11 in Plane Site Directors Cut - English and Spanish Sound Tracks - Las Verdades de 11-S, Con pista de audio en español
NJAZ:  Naturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism
OPRT:  Overcoming People's Resistance to 9/11 Truth - Ken Jenkins
OWOC:  The Occult World of Commerce - Jordan Maxwell
PDSLE:  9/11 Press for Truth, DR Griffin, Steven Jones, Loose Change, Eyewitness
PNAM:  Pretext for the North American Union
PON:  The Power of Nightmares - Adam Curtis, BBC
PSFF:  9/11 in Plane Site, Freedom to Fascism
PSJK:  9/11 in Plane Site PLUS JFK's Killers (plays on PC, may not on DVD player)
PSLS In Plane Site, con audio español - Loose Change 2nd Edition - con subtitulos español
RMB:  Remember, Remember the 11th of September
RSP:  9/11 Revisited, Steven Jones at UVSC, Painful Deceptions
RVS:  9/11 Revisited
SORT:  1. The 9/11 Solution (How the Myth was Sold in Real Time) 2. Revealing the Truth (Alex Jones in Chicago, June2006)
SPAX:  A Space for Peace: the role of new Star Wars Missile Program
TCHA:  Trilateral Commission Hijacking of America
TILL:  Terrorstorm + The Great Illusion
VNZL:  The Revolution will not be Televised - The Bolivaran Revolution, Venezuela Counter Coup of 2005
WBC:  Webster G Tarpley: Understanding the Dynamics of 9/11. Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22-27, 2007. 2' 48"
WFTN:  Facing the Truth About 9/11, Webster Tarpley, Barrie Zwicker, Seattle, April 2006
WGT4:  Four Webster Tarpley Lectures. San Francisco 9/11 Inquiry 3/04. In DC. In Lafayette Park, DC. In Toronto, 5/04.
WIRV:  Webster Tarpley in Irvine, scheduled presentation, 3/07
WLANY:  W G Tarpley at LA 911 Grand Jury 10/23/04, WGT in NYC 1/15/05: 9/11 Truth, Key to Stop War
WPRL:  Webster Griffin Tarpley in San Diego Presenting, Pearl Harbor Revisited, 7/7/2007.
WRCG:  12 Segments: We are Change, Loose Change, Terror Storm, DR Griffin
WRVN  (IRVN) Webster Tarpley in Irvine, special evening presentation, 3/07
WSD:  WG Tarpley in San Diego, 7/7/07
WTAZ:  Webster Tarpley in Arizona - Truth Squads Strategy
WZMS:   Seattle 4/06: B Zwicker, Facing Truth about 9/11; W Tarpley, 9/11 Synthetic Terror at 3rd Place Books; + M Hathaway’s Social Justice DVD.
XMTL:  Chemtrails- Aerosol Crimes
ZERO:  Zero: 9/11

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