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- All DVD's on this page are printed with color label side. Most of the NTSC discs are factory-pressed originals. Priced under $9 are mailed in paper sleeves, higher priced are in Amaray case. 

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Seven great DVD hits by BBC director Adam Curtis. Available in NTSC or PAL, region-free formats.
DVD discs and Cases

Note: The works of Adam Curtis (except his latest two) are only available as recordings taken from BBC broadcasts. Video quality will not be on a par with an original digital release.

(1) The complete Power of Nightmares, all 3 parts, 3 hours. The government keeps the terror phantom going, to keep the government in power. In paper sleeve, $7.50, in Amaray case, $8.99.

(2) The Century of Self, an expose of mass-market brainwashing techniques, and the Freud dynasty. All four hours on one disc, in paper sleeve, $7.50, in Amaray case, $8.99.

(3) The Trap, all three parts on one disc. A highly intelligent film. Exposes the dire effects of materialistic behaviorism ideas like game theory and shock "therapy" on society, health, education. Read about The Trap on Wikipedia. In paper sleeve, $7.50. In Amaray box case, $7.99.

Adam Curtis Trilogy, iAll 3 programmes above on 3 discs for only $17.99. Includes Amaray box case on domestic (US) orders.  

Four main hits -Trilogy plus Machines of Grace (#7)  22.99 Includes Amaray box case on domestic (US) orders

Four by Adam Curtis: Trilogy pllus Living Dead, 4 programmes  on 4 discs, US orders in Amaray box case as shown, with disc designs on white background $19.99 (PAL or NTSC, region-free).
Factory replicated with disc designs on dark background as shown at right, $22 (NTSC region-free only. The Living Dead only available in white background version).

(4) The Living Dead, 3-part series. Curtis explores how history is manipulated to control us in the present, NTSC or PAL, $7.50 Read more here.

(5) The Mayfair Set: Four stories about the Rise of Business and the Decline of Political Power. Highlights the way money men took over the levers of power in recent decades. Two-party democracy becomes a corrupt sham. Politicians give lip service to "market forces" while they enrich themselves helping a clique of mercenaries, asset strippers, junk bond gangsters, and global speculators destroy the nation's economic base.  $7.50

Mayfair Set and Pandora's Box are available together in a single amaray box case. If you order both they will be shipped this way, unless you request separate packaging in the shop cart Comments.

(6) Pandora's Box. Six episodes on the pitfalls of misplaced faith in science and technology. On 2 discs, NTSC or PAL,  $9.95  Includes Amaray casae on US orders. 

(7) All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, NTSC or PAL, in paper sleeve,  $7.50. How the belief that we are like machines induced us to give up control over our lives. In Amaray case, $8.99.

(1) and (2) Century of Self and Power of Nightmares in Amaray box case, $12.99.

 All 8 discs in paper sleeves, $44 .

There are extensive descriptions of all these Adam Curtis films on Wikipedia.
Our Adam Curtis films are available either in NTSC or PAL format. We'll try and send the format for your region unless you request otherwise. Other DVD's listed below are in NTSC-region-free format only.

The following offers may be subject to availability

The Big Picture. Maxwell Igan's epic covers topics like 9/11 Truth, fake conspiracy theories like Planet X, consumerism, flouride, JFK. Only $4.00 here.

Denial Stops Here: from 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond, by Mike Ruppert, $9.95. (check availability)

Webster Griffin Tarpley

Webster Tarpley in Arizona, March 2007, speaking on Truth Squads and Strategy for 9/11 Truth. One of his most masterful presentations. 1:58. $7.49.
See also complete 7-disk set of Arizona event: 7-disk set: Best of the Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference 2007, only $27. 14 hours, 24 speakers, including "9/11 Truth Squads - A Strategy for 2007" by Webster Tarpley. More details here.

"Understanding the Dynamics of 9/11" - Webster Tarpley in Vancouver, June 2007. 2 hours 48 minutes, $7.49.

The above DVDs are printed with color artwork on the label side 

"9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction" from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The factual new DVD that is opening the minds of building professionals and exposing the truth of 9/11 to everyone. 2 hour multi-media presentation demolishes the 9/11 lie. "2008 Research Edition" in   Amaray case, $14.95.
Also from AE911truth.org with WTC collapse fact card, only 3.99 each:
Research edition
, just $3.99. Nanothermite, with Steven Jones, 88 min., just $3.99. "Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11", just $2.99San Francisco Conference,  just $3.99.

BEST VALUE: Blueprint for Truth Quadrilogy: All 4 above DVD's from AE911Truth, in mini jewel case with fact card, only $11.99 

IMPROBABLE COLLAPSE - A scientific approach. Starring Physics Prof. Steven Jones, Eyewitness Mark Jacobson, Fire Science Prof. Glenn Corbett, Author D. R. Griffin, Scientists Kevin Ryan and Jim Hoffman, Attorney Wm. Veale. In paper sleeve: $7.95

9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda: LA Scholars Symposium, June 25, 2006 (Alex Jones, Prof. Steven Jones, Bob Bowman, James Fetzer, Webster Tarpley) 1:44:13, plus: Michael Meacher and A. von Buelow on Dutch TV, 16:22. Most popular show in C-Span's history! In paper sleeve. $7.50.

David Ray Griffin

9/11 Overview - 9 tracks for $7.95 DR Griffin, Meacher, Von Bulow, Steven Jones, BBC Power of Nightmares, SF Inquiry, Rovics Reichstag Fire, Charlie Sheen. 125 min. paper sleeve.

9/11 - The Myth and the Reality: DR Griffin at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, and Grand Lake Theater. 95 min. $10.

9/11 Let's Get Empirical by DR Griffin, $11.99

9/11 and Nationalist Faith, by DR Griffin, $10.
9/11, American Empire, and Christian Faith, by DR Griffin, $10.
9/11 Flights of Fancy, by DR Griffin, $10.
Perspective on 9-11, by DR Griffin, $10.

, by Chris Pratt. 9/11 Lies, Bush's WMD Lies, Obama's 'Change' Lies, Banksters - Goldman Sachs, Bernanke, Rothschild & Rockefeller, Media Control & Propaganda, New World Order, Be Aware, Be a Citizen Journalist. Amaray Case, Shrink Wrap, Overview Pamphlet. Only  $8.99  here.

Loose Change Final Cut. In paper sleeve with color label side, $5.95. Barebones copy with small sticky label on silver disc, $3.49.
The World According to Monsanto. In Amaray case. Top toxic corporation racing to lock up the food you eat with their ironclad patents. $19.50. (check availability)

 Alex Jones Great DVD's - All come in cello-wrap Amaray cases.
9/11 the ROAD to TYRANNY [2002], 144 min $12.00
MARTIAL LAW - 9-11: The Rise of the Police State [2005], 186 min. $9.00
Masters of Terror $9.00
America Destroyed by Design - Inside story of the Oklahoma City bombing. $9.00.
American Dictators - Documenting the staged Skull & Bones election of 2004. $6.00. 

7/7 Ripple Effect The Truth Video of the London Tube Bombings, with bonus feature Ludicrous Diversions. $7.77 here in NTSC or PAL version. 

Afghanistan Before the Wars. Rare footage of Afghanistan from the early 1970's, before it became a battleground on Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard. $5


Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories and Photos, $7.95. Buy the DVD together with Anna's book Witness in Palestine: $21.50. More info at Anna's website, AnnaInTheMiddleEast.com. 9/11 Missing Links. 2 hour documentary on the people and firms who committed the 9/11 atrocities: Mossad, their helpers and Neocon networks in the US government. Only $4.00 here.

The Easiest Targets. Seven short subjects on the repression and the media war on Palestine. From IfAmericansKnew.org. Sold out in Amaray case. See our shareware DVD list for barebones copies.

The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler. Narrator Jim Condit Jr. takes us on a tour of rare books that reveal the incredible history of Nazism and Zionism: two faces of one coin issued by international banksters. Spellbinding stuff for history buffs. Only $4.00 here.

Shareware DVDs - wide assortment of classics and compilations on 9/11 and more. Barebones silver DVDs in paper sleeves, only $2.00 each. (If you previously tried to order some and your order wasn't filled, please try again. There was a problem with forwarding order e-mails for a time.)