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Seeds of Destruction front coverSeeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. A tiny corporate elite is out to get complete control over the world by patenting the very basis of our survival: our food. Engdahl takes you inside the corridors of power, backrooms of the science labs, and corporate boardrooms to reveal a diabolical world of greed, intrigue, corruption and coercion. Reads as a crime story because it is. A hugely important - and unique - work. 340 pages, $24.95, on sale, $16.95. More from Global Research: The Globalization of Poverty and NWO and America's "War on Terrorism" Illuminati red cover yellow star david eye Henry Makow's Illuminati: Cult that Hijacked the World. Bankers stole a monopoly on government credit, and took over the world. They run the wars, schools, media, the works. Our price: $14.95
Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order. The Attack on Your Human Identity. Henry Makow, contemporary Canadian political philosopher, brings together some unusual insights about today's totalitarian open society. $13.95.
front cover corporatismCorporatism: the Secret Government of the New World Order, by Prof. Jeffrey Grupp of Purdue University. Corporations control all basic resources of the world, all the governments and institutions, and prevent us from solving humanity’s problems. Their New World Order plan is the global "prison planet" that Hitler was aiming for. 408 pages, $16.95. On sale here, only $11.99.
surviving the cataclysm by tarpleySurviving the Cataclysm, Your Guide through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History, updated edition, by Webster Griffin Tarpley. The unwinding of the hedge funds and derivatives bubble, and with them, life as we knew it in the USA. Richly detailed history of the financier oligarchy, how they plunder this nation, and solutions for the crisis for individuals and the nation. 668 pages, $29.95. Advance edition, still on sale only $18.95. More by Webster Tarpley: Two on Obama here, plus 9/11 Synthetic Terror, and George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography. Obama the Postmodern Coup - Foreign Policy coverObama – The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate. Remember compassionate conservatism and a humble foreign policy – and what happened then? Webster G. Tarpley reveals that the Obama puppet’s advisors are even more radical reactionaries than the neo-cons. A crash course in political science, it distills decades of political insight and astute analysis, from a unique perspective. 320 pages, $15.95. On sale here, $10.95. Obama Unauthorized Bio front coverBarack H. Obama: the Unauthorized Biography. Tarpley at his best: erudite, witty, insightful, activist, iconoclastic. This complete profile of a puppet’s progress details of Obama’s doings in the trough of graft and corruption of the Chicago Combine. His regime will be one of brutal economic sacrifice and austerity to finance Wall Street bailouts, and for imperialist confrontation with Russia and China. Another blockbuster like Tarpley’s Bush Bio. 595 pages, $19.95. Only $11.99 from the publisher.
Nazi Hydra front coverThe Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century by Glen Yeadon exposes how US plutocrats launched Hitler, then recouped Nazi assets to lay the postwar foundations of a modern police state. Fascists won WWII because they ran both sides. Includes a blow-by-blow account of the fascist takeover of US media. “A valuable history of the relationship between big business in the United States and European fascism, before, during, and after the second World War. The story is shocking and sobering and deserves to be widely read.” – Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States. 700 pp., $19.95. on sale here at just $11.99. See Also: Inside the Gestapo.

1000A front cover1,000 Americans Who Rule the USA (1947) by the great muckraking journalist George Seldes, whistle-blower on the American plutocrats who keep the media in lockstep. It's incredible how little has changed in 65 years... this is a must-read for all who hope to change the US for the better. 320 pp, $18.95, on sale here only $12.95.

Facts and Fascism coverFacts and Fascism (1943) by George Seldes. Names the powerful American forces which own, control and subsidize native Fascism, and the spokesmen, radio orators, writers and other agents of reaction in America. "The most detailed and documented history on how big business subsidized fascism." --Third World "George Seldes was the father of alternative press." -- I.F. Stone. 292 pp., $15.95, on sale here: $11.95.
Rape of the Mind coverThe Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, by Joost Meerloo M.D. Based on his experience of mind control methods first under the Nazi occupation and then in the USA, psychologist Meerloo's ideas are critical to defending one's freedom of thought from the endless campaigns of corporations and power structures. "The classic work on brainwashing." -- Wikipedia. (1956, reprint 2009.) 320 pp., $16.95, on sale here: $11.95.
The Global Economic CrisisThe Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century by Chossudovsky et al. "In-depth investigations of the inner workings of the plutocracy in crisis, presented by some of our best politico-economic analysts. This book should help put to rest the hallucinations of free market ideology." --Michael Parenti. 416 pp., $25.95. Our price: only $18.95.
How World Really WorksHow the World Really Works by Alan B. Jones (reprint). A superb overview of the conspiracy field, summarizing 12 works: Engdahl's A Century of War, Quigley's Tragedy and Hope, The Naked Capitalist, The Tax-Exempt Foundations, The Creature from Jekyll Island, 1984, Report from Iron Mountain, The Greening, The Politics of Heroin, Final Judgment, Dope Inc., and Let's Fix America. 336 pp., $15. Our price: only $10.95.

The Telescreen front coverThe Telescreen: An Empirical Study of the Destruction of Consciousness, by Prof. Jeff Grupp. How the mass media brainwash us with consumerism, war propaganda, false history, fake news, fake issues, and fake reality that robs us of our life, and replaces our soul -- with a non-stop absurdist patter of banality, violence, and vulgarity.
"The Telescreen is the pervasive media screen put in front of, and injected into, the eyes and ears of humans in the American electronic techno-culture. It moulds consciousness throughout life into a less-than-human, despiritualized semi-consciousness." Release February 2010. 199 pp., $11.99.

Telementation front coverTelementation: Cosmic Feeling and the Law of Attraction. Deep feeling rather than thought or faith is our secret nature and key to self-realization. Prof. Grupp, a long-time Buddhist, shows the way in this simple guidebook. 124 pp., $12.95, on sale here: $9.99.
Patriot front coverThe Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: its Theory and Practice by Ethan. This nonfictional exploration of Orwell’s 1984 for our times is a valuable blueprint for taking ownership of our lives and our world. 484 pp, list price: $19.95. Now in print and on sale here at "Back to School" price of only $14.95. Read More
Terror on the Tube front coverTerror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation, by Nick Kollerstrom. First book to compile the glaring evidence that all four Muslim scapegoats were completely innocent. 7/7 is Bliar’s Big Lie and Reichstag Fire, False Flag Terror as pretext for war and an Orwellian, neo-fascist British police state. 292 pages, $17.95. Available here now, $11.77. See also our 9/11 Truth bookshelf.
Triumph of Consciousness coverThe Triumph of Consciousness Overcoming False Environmentalism, Lapdog Media, and Global Government, by Chris Clark. April 2010, 347 pages, list price $19.95, on sale here: $14.95. Behind the Global Warming agenda lies globalization -- another path to hegemony by the NWO and their controlled corporate media.
Propaganda for War coverPropaganda for War: How the US was Conditioned to Fight the Great War of 1914-1918, by Stewart Halsey Ross. How propaganda by Britain and her agents like Teddy Roosevelt sucked the USA into the war to smash the old world order. In Print, June 13, 2009. 356 pp., $18.95, on sale here: $15.95.
Clown Prince Bush W front coverClown Prince Bush the W. A thoroughly tipsy biography of our recent resident anti-hero of the White House, in his rowdy youth. By Ted Cohen, Kennebunkport reporter who was fired for reporting Dubya's DUI record just before the elections. 215 pp, $14.95. On sale here only. $11.95. See also: George Bush Unauthorized Biography.
Skulk front coverSkulk! a Post-9/11 Comic Novel by Marc Estrin. A racy parody of political surreality with a stunning ending – and a truth tool for every activist toolbox. This is Estrin's sixth novel - a story of two contradictory lovers, and the fate of their mad escapade to awaken sleepy Mid-America by staging "The Event." 180 pp, 14.95. On sale here only $11.95. More like this: Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie.
Bestselling DVD's Latest DVD's

Three great DVD hits by BBC director Adam Curtis: (1) The complete Power of Nightmares, all 3 parts, 3 hours, $7.50. In Amaray case, $11.99.

(2) The Century of Self, an expose of mass-market brainwashing techniques, and the Freud dynasty. All four hours on one disc, $7.95. Best quality version on two discs: in clamshell cases, $14.95, or in Amaray box case, $17.95.

(3) The Trap, all three parts on one disc, $7.50. A highly intelligent film. Exposes the dire effects of materialist behaviorist ideas like game theory and shock "therapy" on society, health, education. Read about it on Wikipedia.
Or get all 3 Adam Curtis DVD singles for only $20.

(4) Adam Curtis Trilogy: All 3 programmes, on 4 discs (Century of Self on 2 discs), in Amaray box case, $24.


7/7 Ripple Effect by Muad'Dib - jailed for sending this DVD to court. Plus Ludicrous Diversions 7/7 video. NTSC or PAL, only $7.77. $5 goes to Muad'Dib defence fund.

Life on the Edge of a Bubble, insight into our financial crises, : why we keep having them in each generation. $14.95.

Alex Jones The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off. Obama is a phony straight out of the CIA-NED kitchen, a puppet created to sell us out to the banksters. $12.95.

New Books Coming Soon
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Final Warning coverFinal Warning: A History of the New World Order, by David Allen Rivera, updated, Part One. In-depth research names names and nails down the Great Conspiracy in its various aspects as the Fed, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Illuminati. Availability
Dope Inc coverDope Inc. -- The Drug War on America Goes On -- "The Book that Drove Kissinger Crazy." Updated edition of the Underground Classic.

Out of Pocket - Rotten Deals, the first-person inside story of JMWave and the CIA's Caribbean drug network. By Bradley Ayers, author of Zenith Secret. Availability
Instruments of the State, Front coverInstruments of the State by Dave Aossey. An epic tale of espionage and deception at the highest levels of government, this controversial work of reality fiction takes a hard look at the vicious cycle of war and corruption in a system gone awry Availability.
Against Oligarchy coverAgainst Oligarchy -- Essays and Speeches by Webster Tarpley. History of the Anglo-Venetian finance oligarchy and their millenial war against humanity. Availability.
Still no estimated date of arrival, but part of the book is online at
Global Predator coverGlobal Predator: US Wars for Empire by Stewart Halsey Ross. A damning account of the atrocities committed by US armed forces, starting with the Cuban/Philippines Wars. Availability
Understanding The Economic Crisis... 4 Dummies,  by Larry Green. Making Sense of the Financial Mess. Availability

Terrorism and the Illuminati: A 3000-Year History, by David Livingstone. (2nd edition). Availability

Homeland: A Comedy, by James Hufferd. To be selected in 2032, our presidential puppet has agreed to sell the United States to The Company outright... Availability

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