"A Great Weekend Outing in LA:"
Harrowing Exposé of Bush Family Resurfaces at Los Angeles Event
Oct. 23, 2004

A 700-page exposé containing extremely damaging evidence of unethical and criminal conduct by the Bush dynasty has just reappeared after a decade out of print. Entitled George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by researchers Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, it first appeared in 1992, when it quickly sold 25,000 copies. As the campaign "bible" of Democratic campaign strategists, it was credited with helping unseat Bush Sr. in that year's elections. The book was even featured as a prop in a scene from the 1994 film "The War Room" about the campaign.

The book is a pretty damning recital. An intensive search of archives and months of interviews with government insiders dug up a lot of dirt - frightening, gory, hilarious and mind-boggling - on the Bush dynasty.

The Biography was the great outing of the Bushes and their Skull and Bones brethren, Brown Brothers Harriman, who made their fortune building up Hitler and the Nazi war machine. George Bush's “war hero” story is debunked and revealed as an act of cowardice that cost his crewmates their lives. Bush is further implicated in Iran-Contra, the Watergate break-in, the bungled attempt to assassinate President Reagan when he was VP, and in company with Kissinger, a number of genocides, including the luring of Iraq to attack Kuwait.

The Unauthorized Biography remained an underground classic. Fans posted the entire text on various websites, while bound copies have been selling for around $150 each. A small California press finally has reprinted The Unauthorized Biography just before this year's election.

The facsimile edition of The Unauthorized Biography debuts Saturday, Oct. 23 in Los Angeles, at the Citizens Grand Jury on 9/11, sponsored by 911TruthLA.us. Author Tarpley will be signing copies of the Bio, and will speak on his next book due for release in November, unapologetically entitled 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.

While a dozen books have already been published in the United States positing US government complicity in 9/11, Tarpley's Synthetic Terror is the first to offer a working model of state terror, in addition to the usual ad hoc compilation of suspicious evidence. Tarpley enjoys a huge head start as an analyst on the subject. His first book was a 1978 study of the Red Brigades assassination of Italian premier Aldo Moro, which revealed that the supposedly communist Brigades were actually creatures of a powerful, ultra-right wing elite faction, which included the current prime minister Berlusconi. This conclusion is now accepted, though little advertised, as historical fact.

According to Tarpley, this principle of inverted or contrary action is taboo for the corporate media, since they are also creatures of the same ruling oligarchical elite. Yet this concept of "false-flag op" is an enormously powerful key for explaining terror which always seems to "backfire" on the cause the terrorists allegedly espouse. This covert state terror key needs to be applied to all events like 9/11, violence in Northern Ireland, and the like, to see if the key fits; indications will almost always be found that indeed it does. The reason, no doubt, is that it is such an effective weapon of psychological warfare.

Tarpley's working model has been described thus: "International terrorism – including 9-11 – is overwhelmingly the product of intelligence agencies. He points out the roles of patsies and fall-guys, of networks of moles inside the government and the media, of anonymous professionals who actually carry out the atrocities the public sees, and of secret command cells in privatized paramilitary settings.... Tarpley outlines the long history of terrorism as a tool to manipulate public opinion in favor of war and dictatorship, from Guy Fawkes to the Maine to Operation Northwoods. Through his famous spot resolutions which rejected the Polk administration’s official account of the outbreak of the Mexican War, the figure of Abraham Lincoln emerges to exemplify the classical American demand for truth and rejection of government manipulation. "

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