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Now You too can Squander Trillions!

The 12th edition Trillion Dollar Deception Notes are (still) here.

"Say buddy, you look like you could use a Bailout too... have a Trillion on me -- and keep the Change!"

(JUST 7 BILLION to go to CATCH UP with BUSH and BARKY)

DD#12 Trillionsfront DD Trillion back


    50 Deception Dollars for $6  

              60 Deception Dollars for $15
                (30 new bills plus a Collector's Set of all 30 different kinds)

                   (Prices could increase as stock is nearly exhausted.)

This 12th edition is expected to be the last. We only have a few bills left to sell in volume now.
Mostly the Obama One Deception and Obama Trillion notes, $4 Perception, Bush #8.

It was fun while it lasted, but it's pretty much all over now, except collector sets for posterity.

Unless some creative activist minds out there would like to pitch in and help keep them going... please contact me about it.

Orders ship from California next day by First Class mail which is usually delivered in 2 or 3 days.

If you desire a particular type of bills please place a note in "Special Delivery Instructions" on the shopping cart.

Payments by check to Progressive Press, 3716 37th St, San Diego, Calif. 92105.
To calculate exact shipping please proceed through the shopping cart, the shipping amount is provided after filling in details.

You can also order by sending money to info@progressivepress.com via www.paypal.com. How to pay by PayPal

The actual size is 7 ½ x 3 in. (25% larger than real bills).

See the "old gold" page for an overview of all types issued, or to order collector's sets or some old favorite editions.

If you want the rush of a lifetime, take a bunch
to hand out at a peace march - and get enthusiastically mobbed!

911 DD Poster  by Blaine Machan:  "The most fascinating work of contemporary dissent"

Please use common sense, sensitivity and courtesy in distributing the notes. Thank you!

A bit of history of the D-Dollar and other SF Bay area activist efforts, by the publisher

Old Gold: Collector's Set of the 31 Different Versions of Deception Dollars


Downloadable flyers -

(broken links, I will reinstate them when I get a chance or if you request it)

NEW for F° 9/11 : Hot Quiz Notes to go with $911 bill (¼ page, 2½x7½ in.)
Doc   Pdf   View PRINT 4 Mini-Quiz bills to a Page:     Doc     Pdf

9/11 Truth IQ Test (pdf)     (doc)
Too Much at Stake pdf
(New Version, 628 Kb); Text only
Painful Questions Flyer
Tri-fold "TWOF-UQ" flyer (doc) outside,     inside page
In adobe acrobat pdf format outside,     inside
TWOF 4-fold pdf, 1 Mb
"Stop the War on Iraq" flyer, 4 quarter-page designs, adobe pdf,
front sides,     back side    both sides doc

$911 in the Media Press Release (html)

Have a flyer you'd like to share?

Download 4 of these bills to a sheet, photo copy and hand out with the D-Dollars:

Put your own message on the back, edit the front in Word
Fresh out of Fraudereal Reserve Notes and none to swap for Deception Dollars?
Send a self addressed envelope stamped with 60 cents postage and we'll send you about 35 or 40 of our $911 bills and some flyers.

Greenback Underground $amizdat:
Flyers under the Media Radar for the Countercoup

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