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The Iraq Lie

How the White House Sold the War
Author bio: 
Joseph M. Hoeffel

How deceptive can Washington be? In The Iraq Lie, former Pennsylvania Congressman Joseph M. Hoeffel tells all. No other member of Congress has yet written a book relaying a Washington insider’s viewpoint about the lobbying and false pretenses that took the country to war.

Hoeffel recounts behind-the-scenes White House briefings, Iraqi exile lobbying of Congress, and Capitol Hill deliberations leading up to the congressional authorization for war. He also writes about the “Iraq Watch” congressional debates that he started as a member of the House International Relations Committee, that challenged the administration to justify its actions.

Joseph M. Hoeffel has worked in public office for 25 years, and was a member of Congress from 1999 through 2004. His career provides the experience to qualify him as an experienced political practitioner and commentator. He has given thousands of print, radio and television interviews and enjoys speaking in public. He has spoken at presidential campaign rallies in Pennsylvania for both Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and has addressed three Democratic National Conventions. More at Wikipedia.

The original more detailed title for the book was Iraq Truth, Lies and Consequences: Sordid History and Difficult Future --The Inside Story How the White House Sold the War, and How to Stop It from Happening Again

For the Chris Matthews interview of Jos Hoeffel on The Iraq Lie see http://www.progressivepress.com/news/iraq-lie-msnbc-hardball -
Transcript and link to show on MSNBC

Joe Hoeffel on the Marty Moss-Coane talk radio show on Radio WHYY Philadelphia, whyy.org/cms/radiotimes/2014/08/04/the-iraq-lie/ 52 minutes, listen online or download

Interesting review of The Iraq Lie in the Philadelphia Inquirer www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/literature/20140907_Ruefully_remembering_a_vote_for_war.html 


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