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Subjugating the Middle East: Integration into the New World Order, Vol.2

Engineered Insurrections
Author bio: 
Takis Fotopoulos

See also the article by Takis Fotopoulos   http://rt.com/op-edge/172084-isis-iraq-destruction-elite/  "ISIS role in destruction of Iraq by transnational elite," July 11, 2014. 

 This book is part of a two-volume work seeking to demystify the nature and causes of the Arab 'revolutions' (the 'Arab Spring'). It is shown that the aim of the transnational elite, which informally administers globalization, has always been the same in all these 'revolutions', including the attempted color revolution in Iran in 2009. That aim has been to secure the full integration of all Arab regimes and Iran into the New World Order (NWO). This Order was established following the collapse of the Soviet block and the parallel universalization – through neoliberal globalization – of the internationalized market economy and its political complement, representative 'democracy'.

Globalization is not only economic. It is also political. First, because as nation-states lose their economic sovereignty they wither away, and, second, because globalization implies a compatible type of political structure that facilitates it. As representative 'democracy' has proven much more effective than the usual authoritarian regimes in imposing the huge concentration of economic power, incomes and wealth that globalization brings, a Muslim Brotherhood-based 'democratization' has been selected by the elites – local and foreign –to achieve the Arab world’s full integration into the NWO.  

Finally, globalization also has an ideological dimension that justifies the need for the drastic restriction of national sovereignty, under the pretext of protecting human rights and the implied new doctrine of 'Right to Protect'.However, an important element of the Arab Spring is that, although the aim of the transnational elite has been the same everywhere, they have targeted the various countries by different means, which are variations of the Western-instigated color 'revolutions' in Eastern Europe.

Broadly, we may distinguish between two main forms of integration into the NWO:

First, integration through a form of fake democratization (volume 1). This refers to the client regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, in which the transnational elite provided the trigger for the uprisings that took place – which were 'waiting to happen' – as well as the very efficient internet infrastructures to back them up. Furthermore, it was the same elite that helped 'guide' these uprisings through NGOs and other controlled organizations, so that these 'revolutions' would not in any way threaten their aims. These were to replace local political elites with personnel who would be in a better position, through their 'democratic' credentials, to achieve the full integration of these countries into the NWO. At the same time, they would cooperate in creating the preconditions for the pre-planned armed insurrections in Libya and Syria.

Second, integration through engineered insurrections (volume 2). These were launched against the non-client regimes in Libya and Syria and were, in fact, pre-planned armed insurrections masquerading as popular uprisings. The campaigns to overthrow these governments depended critically on foreign fighters, comprising NATO special forces, various mercenaries, usually funded by Gulf regimes, and Al Qaida jihadis keen to eliminate secular Arab regimes. In both Libya and Syria, the engineered armed insurrections were to be complemented by Western military intervention for regime change.

Another reason making the demystification of the Arab Spring particularly important, is that its nature has been completely distorted by an unprecedented manipulation of world public opinion. Not only was the 'silent majority' in Western 'democracies' controlled through the official media, as usual, but also the 'activist minorities' were harnessed through the alternative (social) media. Last but not least, the international liberal 'Left' actually supported the campaigns for regime change by endorsing the so-called 'revolutionaries' participating in the Arab Spring.

Availability. Scheduled for release in 2016