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A Prisoner's Diary

Insights from Saddam's Iraq
Author name: 
Hussain Mohammed Al-Amily

As the author describes it, "This is my story of a two-month 'seminar' inside prison which, in a sad way, though, shed more light for me about my homeland, Iraq. These are glimpses from inside an evil regime sponsored by evil powers - yet not everything is tears.In prison you may have a better view of what is going on out there in freedom."

There is a twist to the tale, though. In spite of being imprisoned and exiled from his homeland for no reason -- his only offence was his interest in Esperanto -- Hussain al-Amily was no supporter of America's war on Saddam Hussain. Far from it.

If even Saddam's victims opposed the US invasion, imagine the views of ordinary Iraqis on the genocide, destruction, plundering of antiquities, sanctions, nuclear pollution and now, extremist chaos, all inflicted under the excuse of toppling a regime that had given its people the highest level of education in the Arab world, the greatest equality for women, an enviable standard of living...