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"The Money Power" - two geopolitical classics on the hand behind the wars and...

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The Money Power

Pawns in the Game and Empire of the City - Two Books in One
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William Guy Carr & E. C. Knuth

"The Money Power" - two geopolitical classics on the hand behind the wars and revolutions of modern times, engineered by an English-speaking finance oligarchy to perpetuate their balance of power over the world. They are the power behind the British throne and the American government. Behind a mask of liberal democracy, their method is subversion, destruction of the old world order, and the humiliation of all rival power centers. The money power controls world politics, behind the scenes and in full view. It is a corrupt, cynical oligarchy that buys all the governments it can — with their own funds.

In "Pawns in the Game," Wm. Guy Carr sets out his famous Three World Wars scenario. WWI was planned to topple the Russian and German empires and set up the conflict between Fascism and Bolshevism. WWII was to eliminate Germany as a world power and set up Israel instead. WWIII, which we are now leading up to, is planned to mutually annihilate Zionism and Islam in a global conflict that bankrupts the entire world, ending in absolute rule by the Money Masters. Carr emphasizes the role of the Illuminati in carrying out this plot, while Knuth's "Empire of the City" focuses on the British Empire and its balance-of-power intrigues.

The 16-page foreword by Progressive Press publisher JP Leonard addresses the controversy, whether "international bankers" is a synonym for control by Jewish interests. The answer is only in part, and that both Zionism and anti-Zionism are part of the divide-and-conquer strategy.

While The Money Power is about the clique that controls world politics, behind the scenes and in full view, the power of money intimately impacts our lives in every way. It is a relentless effort to determine every aspect of our family life, work and values, and monetize everything. In almost any issue that faces us personally, the power of money dominates. It beguiles us with the false satisfaction of consumer wants, the individual pursuit of pleasure over building character and society, and constant pressure to conform to its status symbols and world view. 

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