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Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies

From 9/11 to Donald Trump
Author bio: 
Thierry Meyssan
World-famous political analyst and editor Thierry Meyssan has lived the last 10 years in the thick of the action in Syria and Libya, even serving personally as an adviser to those governments. In "Before Our Very Eyes," he shares the inside story of the 21st century regime change wars. His scalpel lays bare the "Arab Spring," the "revolutions" against Gaddafi and Assad, and the meteoric rise of the jihadist monster ISIS, Far from spontaneous uprisings, these were masked operations by cliques running the US empire. 

In the ultimate fake news operation, the US-UK-Israeli axis deployed their stranglehold on the world’s money and media to sell a big lie of “human rights violations” by Gaddafi and Assad. The real scheme was to smash all human rights in the Middle East! And totally disable the Muslim world by bringing it under the sword of fanatics like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Vassal regimes like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the Emirates were assigned to do the heavy lifting. For public relations purposes, the US pretended to fight half-heartedly against ISIS – which in fact it had intentionally created in Iraq, to divide and conquer the insurgency. The US then covertly ferried the terrorists into Libya and Syria a story also told in my book ISIS IS U.S. It continues to prop up ISIS by devious means.

Thus the wars on Libya and Syria were based on treachery and fakery from start to finish – but the suffering of millions of innocent victims is all too real. A most murderous masquerade! 

Includes up-to-date analyses of today's geopolitical situation from the author's writings at Voltaire Network. Published 2/22/19
The author has recently published the book online in installments on VoltaireNet
A pleasant surprise to see an old acquaintance, Anthony Thorne in Australia, has picked up on the new book at DeepPoliticsForum
INTERVIEW  - Thierry Meyssan with Kevin Barrett on NoLiesRadio  May 2, 2019


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