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Global Predator

US Wars for Empire
Author bio: 
Stewart Halsey Ross

Global Predator is a damning account of the atrocities committed by invading US armed forces, from the 1846 war on Mexico to the recent wars on Iraq. In between are chapters on the Spanish and Philippines war, the World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam, plus appendices on other incursions. As he marshals the facts for a contrarian view of US history, author Stewart Halsey Ross is angered by a persistent pattern of brutality, stupidity and hypocrisy he finds behind America's mask of “Manifest Destiny.” Ross was an expert on military affairs. His earlier work published by Progressive Press, Propaganda for War, is a history of how Wilson and the British twisted the truth to get the US into the Great War.  

Released: October 2011

From Midwest Book Review:
Atrocity stains the pearly exterior the United States presents to the world. "Global Predator: U. S. War for Empire" delves into the dark history of the United States and the crimes it has committed against the world. For over one hundred and fifty years, the United States has gone too far, and how it has been white washed by the press through the ages. With its shocking note on where America has gone wrong in the conflicts with the world around it, "Global Predator" is a depressing yet sadly sobering look in the face America shows the world.

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