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Gladio Mark Two is behind the Greek violence

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

If you really believe that anarchists and thugs of such-like persuasion are responsible for the violence and rage currently tearing Greece apart, then think again. What is going on right now is orchestrated, synthetic violence stirred up by state agents in order to paint opponents of the austerity regime as little more than uncivilized, mindless morons.

Homo Electus

Author bio: 
John Leonard

Being a conspiracist and all that, I was more than bemused to see this cross my screen: arch-neo-con candidates for the nation's highest office touting covert assassination capabilities on network TV!

Sue Ralston's A Real Purr-ina For Sure

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Rick Stelnick

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Turkish Thoughts

Author bio: 
Rick Stelnick

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Stephen King & 11/22/63 Misfire

Author bio: 
Rick Stelnick

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Ballot Measures for the Occupiers of the Streets

Author bio: 
Glen Yeadon

This correspondence is directed to occupiers everywhere. I wish you all the success possible, failure is unthinkable as it will result in a hot revolution or a fascist police state every bit as brutal as Nazi Germany. You have proved the success of your occupying of public space now is the time you branch out. Some Occupiers have already taken the upper hand on this and have launch strikes and to occupying foreclosed homes.
I would like to suggest another avenue to take in branching out. A avenue that will endear you to the public and help expand the Occupy movement.

NDAA, Habeas Corpus, and Human Rights for Citizens Only?

Author bio: 
John Leonard

A lot is being posted now about how the NDAA is stripping US citizens of their constitutional rights.

It's being debated whether the indefinite detention provision applies to US citizens or not.

Well I'd like to ask, isn't that a red herring?

Why should it be constitutional to deprive non-citizens of their liberty without due process?

Is it OK to torture people who don't have American passports?

Are we talking about human rights or citizen rights?

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