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John Leonard

April 19. 2016

Recycling Societies for Power and Profit

A Cruel Fate for Pawns of Empire

A curious diplomatic spectacle is playing out, as the imperial senate tussles over how hot to make it for the Saudis, and how close to hold the vassal sheikhs' feet to the fire.
Once again we are shown how weak and vulnerable is the position of terrorist patsy, whether it be an individual or a nation state.
The Saudis clearly had no real, operative connection to 9/11. Bandar Bush merely obliged the real plotters by providing patsies, or at least identity thefts of alleged hijacker identities.*

Saudi Arabia is also being strung up now for helping finance the founding of Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Of course they were invited to do this by the US, and being staunchly anti-communist, and eager to spread their doctrine, they obliged whole-heartedly.

Interestingly, the Saudi retort was about money, about dumping $750 million of US assets so they can't be frozen. The whole argument is presumably about money. The empire may be trying to twist arms to get a better deal to prop up the petrodollar economy. Another dream scenario for Wall Street would be a color revolution overthrowing the Saudi princes, and installing the usual post-revolutionary kleptocracy to privatize the oil wells and anything else of value on the Arabian peninsula.

Now this got me thinking about a recurring pattern: How the New World Order has supplanted older orders throughout modern history.

By an "old order" I visualize a stable society, with a coherent ethical or religious foundation, including a mission to advance the interests of the individual society, and maintain its independence. It is strongest and most stable when it has progressive leaders who invest in social capital. When good leaders are lacking, societies decline, leaving them weak and susceptible to revolutionary overthrow.

But even weak societies will not willingly let themselves be colonized, privatized and expropriated by foreigners. Therefore a two-step process is required.

First the society must be taken over by some group with native coloring who will destabilize it. It can be a dictator, or a group of extremist enthusiasts of whatever stripe: a countergang. Their energy co-opts the process of revolution or change, and leads the society into a deformation that is basically repugnant to human nature. This flaw means they are primed to be toppled sooner or later by popular unrest.

At some point, when the time is ripe, a second revolution is instigated to replace the creepy "countergang" regime with -- you guessed it, a yuppie color revolution of swarming naive enthusiasts, who unwittingly install a "leadership" of corrupt Wall Street puppets who are mandated to sell their country down the river.

Alternatively a strong nation can sometimes be induced to over-extend itself militarily, and be defeated by a coalition.

This pattern has repeated many times.
Bismarck Germany - Hitler Germany - Postwar Occupied Germany.
Tsarist Russia - Bolshevik Russia - Jelzin and Plunder by Wall Street and Oligarchy.
Austro-Hungarian Empire - post-1918 small weak states - post-1945 Soviet rule - post-1989 neo-colonialism.
Ottoman Empire - small weak states - nationalist regimes - overthrown in Arab Spring.
Iran under Mossadegh - replaced by the Shah - overthrown by popular revolution - co-opted by Khomeini - Green Revolution attempted.
France the world superpower - Jacobin Revolution - Napoleonic militarism - loss of North America - Waterloo - junior partner of British empire.
Kassem's progressive regime in Iraq - Saddam Hussein's regime - his Kuwait debacle - two US invasions - implanting of ISIS - fracturing along sectarian lines.

ISIS is the quintessential countergang of crazy extremists. They were initially introduced under the false banner of secular yuppie globalist color revolution, but that is the true banner of the endgame. The hope is that people will be so exhausted by the chaos and obscurantism that they will abandon national pride and accept colonialism as the lesser evil. And if they don't, they will be crushed and broken into even smaller, weaker states.

By financing ISIS for the US [see Unmasking ISIS http://www.amazon.com/Unmasking-ISIS-George-Washingtons-Blog/dp/1615771646], the Saudis and Turkey's Erdogan have tasted the same poison they have been injecting into Syria, Libya and Iraq. They are destabilizing their own regimes.

I have no sympathy for them, yet one can't help being awed by the enormity of the cruelty and cynicism of this punishment of the junior partners by the senior partners in crime. The Saudis have only done Washington's bidding. The Moors have done their duty, the Moors may be thrown under the bus.

The Saudis can't blow the whistle on 9/11 truth, it would expose their complicity in this darkest of zionist conspiracies, and officially, no one will believe them, the media would lampoon them mercilessly. They are cornered. Might be a good time to take the $750 billion and run. But where?

Fate is not kind to patsies.

*To review: We have no reason to believe there were any real hijackers on 9/11. The best evidence points to their fictitious if necessary role in the official conspiracy narrative. We know that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by controlled demolition, that there was no plane in the hole at Shanksville, and that the Pentagon was hit by a missile. So what would hijackers be for? There were no Arab names on the passenger lists. No hijacker could fly the planes as reported. In fact, the Boeing 767 itself cannot even fly at cruising speed at low altitudes, and cell phones can't connect at speeds over 155 mph (see http://wqad.com/2014/04/15/how-and-when-cell-phones-work-on-an-airplane/). Anyway, a false flag substituting a drone for a passenger airliner was already on the drawing boards in 1962, Operation Northwoods.
We know 9/11 was a false flag of the type using innocent patsies and high-tech explosives, along with pretty much all the world's other politically high-profile bombings of recent times. Not something the Saudis are known for.