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Alan B. Jones

Alan B. Jones is a recently retired electrical engineer, having worked for a major U. S. manufacturing firm for over 40 years. He was "bitten by the political bug back in the Goldwater days," and once ran for office himself, for State Senator on a third party ticket, but has not otherwise been in the public spotlight. He has poured his whole life of political awareness into this book, to help the new generation get up to speed faster, for the good of the whole country. He believes that his book can serve as an outline for action, or a platform, for the political parties, old and new, which will dominate the next 20 years or so of our country's history.  Author of How the World Really Works

Anton Chaitkin

Anton Chaitkin is an historian and investigative reporter. Chaitkin has written hundreds of articles on economic and political history and current affairs. His 1985 book Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman, documented the takeover of U.S. policy by "blue-bloods" from their family archives.

Like father like son: During the 1930's Chaitkin's father, a New York attorney and Jewish political activist, carried out a legal fight against Wall Street and London financiers propping up the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in Germany, resulting in the indictment of Prescott Bush, father of U.S. President George Bush (Sr).

He is co-author with Webster Tarpley of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, which helped decide the 1992 election against Bush. He has collaborated with Lyndon LaRouche since 1966.

Azar Mirza-Beg

AZAR MIRZA-BEG was born in the Soviet Union in 1951, and spent his youth in search of spiritual knowledge and Masters, who could initiate him to the mystical way. His early interest was in Yoga, which was replaced by Gurdjieff and Sufi studies, what finally made him a Sufi teacher himself, the present Master of the Kubhrawi order.
He is the author of a non-fiction work In Search of the Truth: An Exposure of the Conspiracy. The book’s style is not academic, but polemical. It deals with the taboo subjects. Its topics are diverse: the origin of religion, spiritual guides, mysticism, reincarnation and hierarchy of the sciences; KGB, CIA and Mossad; the totalitarian propaganda and western political myths; the new world order; destruction of the Russian, Soviet, Ottoman and Persian empires; secularism in Turkey; the BBC; neo-Nazis, et c.
Mirza-Beg lived the larger part of his life in various regions of the colossal Soviet empire, but with the rise of the Iron Curtain, he moved to Western Europe, and resided in Berlin, Paris and London. Now he lives in Baku, Transcaucasia.
Web site: kubrawi.org


Brandon Martinez

 Brandon Martinez is an independent writer and journalist from Canada who specializes in foreign policy issues, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. For years he has written on Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics.

His articles and analysis have appeared on Press TV, Veterans News Now, Media With Conscience News, Whatsupic, Intifada Palestine, Information Clearing House, What Really Happened, and other alternative media outlets.

He is also the co-founder of Non-Aligned Media (http://nonalignedmedia.com), a news and commentary website aimed at cutting through the spin and deception of mainstream media and deciphering truth in history. Readers can contact him at martinezperspective[at]hotmail.com or visit his blog at http://martinezperspective.com

Deanna Spingola interview with Brandon Martinez about Grand Deceptions:  grizzom.blogspot.ca/2014/10/spingola-speaks-20141026.html

Chris Clark

Christopher Clark studied Business Administration at the University of Michigan, then worked as a business analyst for a Fortune 100 firm. He now travels widely as a professional chef and educator specializing in natural, healthy cuisine and nutrition. He is also a freelance writer and researcher on health and nutrition, globalization, the new world order, the environmental movement, climate change, mass media, and false flag terrorism. He has written two books and is currently writing his third.

Christopher Brennan

 Christopher L Brennan graduated magna cum laude and Phi Alpha Theta from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY with a degree in history. A maverick independent political analyst and activist based in New York City, his articles have appeared in the Center for Research on Globalization and Counterpunch.

David Allen Rivera

David Allen Rivera has been studying and researching the New World Order and its relationship to Bible Prophecy for over 30 years. He has an Associate in Arts (Paralegal) degree from the Harrisburg Area Community College (PA), and majored in Psychology and Public Policy at the Pennsylvania State University. As a young man, he was very active in grassroots politics, held various positions in the local Party, and was the recipient of the 1979 and 1981 'Outstanding Young Man of America' Award from the U.S. Jaycees. He also completed a 2-year Bible School program through Bill Anderson Ministries International, and has received ministry training through his church. David's other research projects can be read in their entirety at his website, http://www.darivera.com/. The father of three children, he has a grandson, and lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife of over 25 years.

David Livingstone

David Livingstone converted to Islam in the USA in 1991, and has since committed himself to further understanding the true meaning of the religion. After thirteen years of research he completed his first book, The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization, which studies the evolution of the occult from ancient times to the French Revolution. This was followed by a second book Terrorism and the Illuminati, shedding light on new and more profound discoveries. Whereas those two titles dealt with religion and its subversion in general, this joint project tackles the subversion of Islam in particular.

Donald Gibson

Donald Gibson was born and raised in the Philadelphia area.  He served as a communications analyst in the United States Air Force during the 1960s.  Don is a Professor of Sociology at the Greensburg campus of the University of Pittsburgh.  He received his PhD from the University of Delaware and taught on that campus as well as at Middlebury and Oberlin Colleges.  

Professor Gibson’s research on social power and on U.S. economic problems led him to writing on the administration of John F. Kennedy and related topics around the struggle between economic democracy and elitist oligarchy. The first three titles below were reprinted in 2014 by Progressive Press.

Books by Donald Gibson

 Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency (1994)

The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up (1999)

Environmentalism: Ideology and Power (2002)

(reprinted as Ecology, Ideology and Power)

Communication, Power and the Media (2004)

Wealth, Power, and the Crisis of Laissez Faire Capitalism (2011)


Dr. Udo Ulfkotte

 Author of a dozen books, Udo Ulfkotte died unfortunately at the young age of 56 in 2017, from causes that are not entirely clear. He was a whistleblower against immigration, loss of cultural identity, the Euro, and corruption. Udo had the courage, decency, energy and humor to defy so many taboos of our time.
He was martyred for speaking the truth and following his conscience to do what is right.

The original German title of "Presstitutes Embedded in the CIA"  was "Bought Journalists" and the suppressed, never translated English edition was to be entitled "Journalists for Hire."

A full length biography of Dr Ulfkotte is to be found in Presstitutes, contributed by the translator, Andrew Schlademan. It is given here below. Part of it can also be read:in Amazon's Look Inside the Book.

Author Biography

If you look up the German or English Wikipedia page to learn something about Udo Ulfkotte, the author, you’ll get the impression that this man was just another crazy, right-wing conspiracy theorist. The fact that he spent most of his career writing for prestigious mainstream media outlets, working in close contact with top politicians and Western intelligence agencies, and making countless television appearances as a war correspondent and foreign policy expert, doesn’t seem to count. At the bottom of his Wiki page, you’ll also notice the long list of books he wrote, many of them run-away bestsellers in the German-speaking world – despite a virtual blackout on advertising. So, who was Udo Ulfkotte? Was he a highly-respected, mainstream journalist or just some crazy, right-wing conspiracy theorist?
To find the answer, you already have the best means at your disposal. The book you have in your hands is the closest the world will ever get to an Udo Ulfkotte autobiography. In referencing his own personal experiences throughout his career in the media, he details how easily young journalists are lifted up and swept along by the mainstream – how he and so many others were and still are unable to resist the reward system that still shapes the Western media. From his first nudge toward working with the German Federal Intelligence Service as a university student, to finally gaining official recognition for the mustard gas poisoning he suffered as a war correspondent (25 years after his exposure), Ulfkotte gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re being sold in major newspapers and on the evening news. In sharing so many personal experiences, Presstitutes is both an apology for his own personal conduct and a warning to a new generation of journalists.
Udo Ulfkotte admits that he was naive. His father died when he was 5 and he grew up as a latch-key kid, as his mother worked to make ends meet. Still, he managed to make it to university, working side jobs while he studied law and political science in Freiburg and London, also delving into criminology and Islamic studies. When a professor invited him to seminars in Bonn, to make a little money on summer holidays, he never suspected they were organized by the BND, the German CIA.  Nor did he plan on writing for a living, yet somehow, fresh out of college and without any journalism experience, Ulfkotte landed a job as an assistant foreign policy editor – and not just anywhere, but at one of Germany’s most prestigious international newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). He had been vetted by the CIA, the invisible hand at play in so many journalistic careers. Ensconced at the FAZ, he was helped along, initially copying articles or fleshing out pre-formulated reports before they were published in his name. As he explains, this practice continued throughout the 17 years he worked at the FAZ, a career in which he says he travelled to 60 countries and spent more time in the Middle East than in Germany.
Some will try to convince you that Udo Ulfkotte was a bitter man and only wrote Presstitutes to settle a grudge he had with his former employer. Others might think that in an us-versus-them world, he defected from them and joined us. However, there’s no simple answer. Looking at his long list of published works, you can see that Dr. Ulfkotte was always concerned with crime, its causes and its effects on society. He also suffered from several serious health issues, and had many opportunities to reflect on the meaning and purpose of his life. After being exposed to chemical weapons near the Iran-Iraq border in 1988, he was also diagnosed with cancer. Recovering against all odds, he still stuck with the FAZ for another 15 years.  Admittedly, he enjoyed the thrill of being an international correspondent with connections to the highest political and intelligence circles in Germany. Somewhere along the line though, things started hitting too close to home.
By the late 90s, Ulfkotte was starting to openly express his growing cynicism. His first critical title, Classified Information: Federal Intelligence Service (BND), was published in 1997 and was promoted by the FAZ. In 1999 he released Marketplace of Thieves: How industrial espionage is plundering and ruining German companies. At the same time, he also began lecturing on “security management” in the University of Lüneburg’s school of business administration. 2001 was a good year for conspiracy theorists and some may wonder why Ulfkotte’s first critique of Islamism, Prophets of Terror: The Islamists’ secret network, just happened to appear on bookshelves three weeks after 9/11. Later that December, Ulfkotte also released his first fiction title, a thriller titled Gencode J. It eerily mentions Osama bin Laden by name and features an airplane being flown into the Dome of the Rock. However, the revenge-driven plot revolves around a rogue Israeli Mossad agent who is trying to get his hands on a genetic weapon to specifically target Palestinian DNA. Although Ulfkotte’s fiction didn’t meet with much critical success, he did manage to make the point that terrorism isn’t the sole property of one state or one religion. What did he know? Was there German involvement? Were journalists involved in distracting the masses and covering up crimes?
After that, it wasn’t long before Ulfkotte did have a falling out with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. After turning his eye to his own profession and publishing How Journalists Lie: The fight for ratings and circulation,in 2002, he suffered another serious physical injury in 2003. While recovering in the hospital, he once again saw his job advertised in his own newspaper. The first time had been in 1988. He was disgusted with himself for being in a position where politicians simply assumed he would spy on other politicians for a fee. He felt like a prostitute. Everybody has to so some dirty work from time to time, but when you find out the company you’re working for is poisoning the whole town, you have to make a decision. Some people will keep quiet and keep working, hoping they make enough money to retire early and move somewhere far away before the storm hits. Others can’t live with themselves and quit in the knowledge that what they’re doing is wrong. It’s a rare individual who goes as far as blowing the whistle, risking their own skin to wake everybody up.
After a short stint at a glossy high-society magazine and his first heart attack, Udo Ulfkotte knew that he had to do something meaningful with his life – not just for himself, but for his family and the country where he was born and raised. Knowing his days were numbered and being in the unique position of having so many top-ranking contacts, he decided to expose as much political corruption as he could before he died. He knew that Germany, a supposed democracy, was being sold out against the will of its people. First it was the euro. Then the War on Terror. In the mid-2000s, the European Union was quickly admitting every bankrupt country in Eastern Europe, and he didn’t like where things were going. Udo Ulfkotte wanted to wake people up. That’s when the house searches began. When asked why he was searched, he said, “Because I reported things in public that are not politically correct, especially things the public shouldn’t know, things they would like to keep secret.” … “It’s always the case that the bearer of bad news is the first one to be hanged, beheaded or otherwise quartered.”
He had crossed the line and was now an official persona non grata. Police and public prosecutors searched his and his wife’s home and offices six times over the next 10 years. The searches were always reported in the media, and he also lost his teaching position at the University of Lüneburg, but curiously enough, nobody ever reported that the investigations were always dropped. No charges were ever filed. No one ever apologized for dragging his name through the mud. Summarily cut off, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte was finally free. He still had an extensive network of contacts from politics, intelligence, law enforcement and the media, many of whom who were just as fed up as he was, but not quite so willing to stick their own necks out. From that point on, Ulfkotte published about a book a year, each one more scathing than the last.
Presstitutes, Ulfkotte’s most successful bestseller, stands out among all the books he published over the last decade of his life. If there was one issue that was dearest to Udo Ulfkotte it was the loss of European cultural identity, particularly in his home country of Germany. He was skeptical of the “increasingly powerful, commercial World Culture – also referred to as ‘McWorld,’” that was being aggressively promoted through massive corruption in the government and media. In the last decade of his life, Ulfkotte withdrew to the countryside and wrote tirelessly, desperately trying to warn his fellow countrymen of what was in the works. He warned of the euro before the 2007-08 financial crisis. He warned of the dangers of uncontrolled, mass migration of culturally incompatible people before the assault, rape and murder rates shot off the charts. Afterwards, he always followed up by documenting the political deception at play and the media’s collusion.

So, was Udo Ulfkotte a conspiracy theorist or a fortune teller? If he was just imagining connections where there weren’t any, how could he consistently predict the future so well? Considering all the names he named in all his books and the dearth of lawsuits filed against him or his publisher, it doesn’t seem like anyone has any factual objections with what he had to say. On the contrary, three German universities are now continuing the investigations of Uwe Krüger whose work on media power Ulfkotte cites in this volume — thanks in part to the attention generated by this book.

It seems that the answer to the question of Udo Ulfkotte lies in knowing where to look. All the information is out there. However, it’s readily apparent that the lazy man’s information sources, the mainstream media and Wikipedia, want us to equate Ulfkotte with conspiracy theorist. They seem to have a vested interest in keeping this pyramid scheme going until the whole thing finally collapses. Maybe this is why an average of 175,000 well-educated Germans are emigrating every year.
Less than a year before he died in 2017, Udo Ulfkotte released internal documents that show where the German government is expecting the most violent unrest in the near future. These are towns and whole city districts where kids can’t walk to school and women can’t go jogging anymore, where insurance companies no longer pay out if your car gets set on fire in the night. Far away from all this, in the high Westerwald woodlands, Udo Ulfkotte spent the last years of his life with his family, living on the land. They operated a small, private animal sanctuary, taking in retired farm animals that had “outlived their economic usefulness.” When asked why he liked animals so much in one of his last interviews, Dr. Ulfkotte replied, “Animals are more grateful than humans. Animals are not resentful. Animals are not deceitful or worse. However, I have experienced this in many people and especially with journalists, especially with alpha journalists and elite journalists. I experienced this corruption, that I already knew from politics, that I knew from the financial sector, up close and personal with journalists in the media industry. Although I was also one of them myself, so I also went through it myself too and lived like that in the past. I’m ashamed of that today.”
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte survived a poison gas attack in Iraq, a bout with cancer, and head injuries from being pushed down the stairs of his home by a spy for the ISI, the Pakistani CIA. He died of his fourth heart attack on January 13th 2017, one week before his 57th birthday.

Ernesto de la Torre

Ernesto de la Torre is a talented graphic artist living in Southern California's Coachella Valley.

He has designed several book covers for Progressive Press:

- Ecology, Ideology and Power

- The Money Power

- Telementation

- The Telescreen.

If you are interested in hiring him, you may contact him at  jernie80 (at) gmail com



F. William Engdahl

F. William Engdahl is author of the best-seller on oil and geopolitics, A Century of War: Anglo-American Politics and the New World Order, which has been translated into seven languages. For 30 years, Engdahl's provocative articles appear in journals like Asia Times, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, European Banker and ZeitFragen on issues of world oil, energy, food, debt and trade politics. He is an Associate Editor at GlobalResearch.com. After a degree in politics from Princeton and graduate study in economics at the U. of Stockholm, he was an economist and research journalist in New York and Europe. He speaks at international conferences such as the London Centre for Energy Policy Studies, Global Investors' Forum, Geneva Commodities Forum, Goldseiten.de, Bank Negara Indonesi; and Russian Institute of Strategic Studies. He lives in Germany with his wife, and is also a consulting economist for major European banks and investors. A sample of his writings is at www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net. His Seeds of Destruction is published by Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research and distributed by Progressive Press.