From November 5th -- Guy Fawkes Day, the holiday that celebrates the grand-daddy of all fake war provocations -- the 400th anniversary was in 2005 --

through November 11th, Veterans Day: It commemorates the end of WWI on 11/11/1918, and the veterans and victims of this and all the other wars started by false pretexts.

To end these wars, we have to awaken people to both the knowledge of how the war party incites war, and to sympathy for the fallen. These dates in November are a perfect time to remember both culprits and victims.

This International Peace Week is a spontaneous networking of activists, authors and media. It's a focus to arrange interviews and calls in to talk radio, letters to the editor, articles and chats online, and your own local conferences, meetings, demonstrations.

Or send a Peace Greeting Card for Holidays around the year. There is an especially strong link here with Halloween, and we have created a number of cards for the spooky holiday. Guy Fawkes Day is the closest thing to Halloween in Britain, and Nov. 11 is the European version called Fasching, when people dress in costumes. And there is something demonic about the forces behind war, too. Halloween is actually the eve of All Saints, Nov. 1, a reverent holiday for remembering the dead, all our loved ones, and not just the military dead; this day of remembering has been forgotten in America.

See the SPRING and FALL/WINTER Holidays for Peace Card collections.

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How to Have a Peace of the Action:

Send a Halloween, Peace, Guy Fawkes, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick's, or many other greetings from the E-Card gallery and spread the World Peace Week message.
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Recruit or suggest an author, expert or celebrity who can speak to the media on Peace Week.

Copy this page or our press release to your list of friends, websites, and media contacts.
Write a letter to the editor. Buzz the chatrooms.

Sign the Petition to observe Nov. 5 to Nov. 11th as National and World Peace Week.
Schedule a vigil during Peace Week.

Give out Trick or Truth Anti-Liar Flyers at peace demos or wherever there's a crowd.

Peace Week Media Center
- Authors, experts and celebrities available for interviews on Peace Week.
- Post events, press releases, and availability to the media here

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Project initiated by We welcome cooperation with peace groups of all stripes.

"When we know more about war -
We'll have no more wars"

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World Peace Week - Seven days to remind the world:
400 years is far too long to fall for the same old trick.

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See also War on War Week Nov. 5-11

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Hear Kevin Barrett, Sherry Clark and John Leonard talk about Peace Week 2007 and the V for Vendetta - Guy Fawkes theme on Carol Brouillet's radio show (archived). Read more at 911blogger.

Nov. 17. World Peace Day.

Why Celebrate World Peace Week
from Nov. 5th to Nov. 11th.

It may be hard to believe, but there is no widely recognized day, week or month for Peace on the US, UK or world calendars.

The number of martial ones keeps growing, though. The US alone has half a dozen: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day (hopefully not named after the "Patriot Act," also born on Sept. 11th), Veterans' Day and Pearl Harbor Day.

There is no National Peace Month, Week or Day at all in the US - only occasional observations of the UN's International Peace Day. It calls for a 24-hour ceasefire - and one minute of silence. Hmm... Even if it works and the world gets a minute of peace and quiet - How many people will be killed by war during the other 525,599 minutes of the year?