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Aug 24 2017 : Yandex 3, Google 0

 Google search suppresses Progressive Press...

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Yandex 3, Google 0

Thursday, August 24, 2017

 Google search suppresses Progressive Press

Search Google on Progressive Press and all you see is references to a type of machine called a progressive press.

Russia's Yandex search engine brings us up as the third hit.

Looks like Google is artificially suppressing politically incorrect content, don't you think?

Googling on our street address, Progressive Press doesn't come up in the first two pages (20 hits.) Just real estate listings and names of people who haven't lived here for years. Down around #18 is Tree of Life Publications, our old backlist of non-political books that gets practically zero sales or traffic. But it's not politically sensitive, so at least it does come up. Just sayin'. That's life in the good ol' USSA.