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"WTC Mosque is Blasphemy"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
David Livingstone
F. William Engdahl
John Leonard
Kevin Barrett

Reinforcing the 9/11 Lie linking Muslims to Terrorism.

In High-Profile Propaganda Reinforcement Operation, Obama Adds to Uproar over Proposed Mosque and Quran-burning.

Whoever is behind the plan to build a mosque near the WTC, is playing straight into the hands of the Zionist Empire's propaganda machine.
To continue their unpopular wars on innocent Muslims, they need to keep the spurious link between Moslems and terrorism alive, hot and sensitive.
Repetition is the main tool in reinforcing this kind of brainwashing.

The latest hullabaloo over a threatened Quran-burning to protest the mosque building is more of the same.
Naturally,President Obama chimed in on both issues to do his bit to raise the volume.

David Livingstone, author of Terrorism and the Illuminati, had this to say:

"As for Ground Zero mosque, turns out [Imam Feisal Abdul] Rauf is not only Muslim Brotherhood (of course) but also on the CFR:

http://www.prisonplanet.com/ground-zero-mosque-imam-is-globalist-stooge.html "

And here is a piece about it by Kevin Barrett, author of Truth Jihad:

Putting a Mosque Next to WTC-7 Is...BLASPHEMY!

Guest column by Rev. Darvis P. Fuddlesnapper, Pastor, Church of Jesus H. Christ Warmonger

When I first heard that them thar Islamics wanted to put up a mosque next to that big hole where the Twin Towers use to be, it made me so mad I almost split my britches. And I preached me a sermon calling on the Almighty to strike down the mayor and the Islamics and all the rest of the blasphemers.

But after church, one of them nice Christian ladies who graces the front pew every Sunday (I call her "Our Lady of the Cleavage" but please don't mention that to my wife Ethel) told me the mosque site is actually a lot closer to World Trade Center Building 7 than it is to the hole where the Towers used to be.

Holy tarnation! A mosque next to Building 7!

You know what that means, don't you? That means those pesky Islamicals are THANKING ALLAH for the MIRACULOUS DESTRUCTION OF BUILDING 7!

Those darn Muslimists know full well that Building 7 was never hit by a plane, and only had modest fires on a couple of floors, when suddenly -- WHAM! -- it came straight down at free-fall speed for no particular reason around 5:20 in the afternoon of 9/11. For the Islamics, the destruction of Building 7 was a miracle from Allah! No wonder they're putting up a shrine next door!

What's worse, those Islamics probably think it was Allah who told the BBC that Building 7 was going to collapse. The Muslimists always say "Only Allah knows the future." For them, the BBC's report that Building 7 had collapsed, twenty minutes before it happened, is another miracle.

Are all you good warmongering Christians of America gonna let ALLAH take credit for the miraculous collapse of Building 7, and the BBC's miraculous foreknowledge? 

We've got to stop the Building 7 Mosque.

Posted by Kevin Barrett at http://truthjihad.blogspot.com/, Aug. 31, 2010