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Wikileaks: Surprise, We're Spies!

Thursday, August 5, 2010
John Leonard

Guardian Caught Off Guard by Sting Op.

Classic "Dezinformatsionnaya Operatsiya" Against Targets of US.
I'd heard a lot about the greatest intelligence leak of all time. 90,000 secret documents, with tons of damaging information about the US war on Afghanistan. So I downloaded the famous Wikileak Excel file, and started looking for some choice bits of anti-war propaganda.

At once I chanced on a very strange incident. The ISI -- your CIA branch operation in Pakistan -- is sending people into Afghanistan to blow up US Army vehicles. Super. We knew the CIA created Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets, and the Taliban to pick up the pieces, now here they are running the insurgency. Perfect.

But wait a minute. How many people realize the CIA runs the ISI? Just a few who already know the score, leak or no leak. Moreover, Webster Tarpley has been telling us the last couple years that Pakistan is dead in the cross-hairs of the current US regime. Motive: it's the only place to put an oil pipeline from the Gulf to China, and they sure don't want that to happen.

As I perused the "leaked incidents" file, my misgivings deepened into recognition, then derision. It's a fantastic rogues gallery of all the targets of the Obama-Brzezinski regime -- Pakistan, China, Russia, North Korea.

The Dr. No from the ISI supposedly smuggling IEDs is a familiar name. Interesting that they make a special effort to incriminate ex-ISI head General Hamid Gul -- the man who announced publicly soon after 9/11 that it had to be an inside job, and not done by the Taliban. So this a payback for talking out of school like that.

Since the US got into Afghanistan by the great own goal, 9/11, it only follows that they stay in there by doing lots of little own goals against their own forces.
It's just as logical for them to blame those little own goals on the guy who called them on their biggest one. They've gotten revenge on Gul by pinning false flags ops on him.

Now where do you think the alleged IED's come from? Why, China, the ones who wanted that pipeline. Amazing devices, too. James Bond wouldn't be without one. It has magnets on it. Hide it under the snow, and it sticks to the wet, slippery tyres of passing vehicles -- those cunning Chinese have invented rubber magnets. It's the genuine Snow Job IED!

Of course the Iranians are up to no good either, against our gallant expeditionary force. Would you believe supplying poison to put in bigwigs'  teacups?  Really. Can't the Pentagon find better detective story writers in this market?
They don't need to, the Guardian does it for them:  "Iran supplies poison to be slipped into tea of Afghan government officials, according to US report."

More Iran-ranting "US claims" courtesy of the Guardian:

Iranian-made parts for makeshift bombs smuggled to Taliban.
Iran bribing Afghan parliament. (Something the US would never do.)
Iran smuggles money into Afghanistan to fund insurgents. (Another thing the US would never do.)
Iran builds Stinger missiles for insurgents.
Osama bin-Laden's advisor flies from Iran to North Korea to sign a deal for SAM missiles.
Opposition groups are puppets of Iran, Pakistan, Russia and India.
A group of eight Taliban commanders is based in Iran. Each one has seven bodyguards. Iran offers a bounty for each Afghan official their forces kill.

Let's leave aside for the moment whether such "reports" are true or fantasy -- the fact is Wikileaks is giving them far more publicity than they would have otherwise.

The Guardian is preening itself wildly on its journalistic coup, always emphasizing how it is boldly exposing civilian deaths. Yet, on the scale of modern wars, the civilian death toll of Operation Enduring… uh… Endless has not been enormous. Estimates range from 6,000 to 12,000 direct deaths and 13,000 to 32,000 indirect deaths of Afghan civilians. For the Soviet-Afghan war or the US wars on Iraq, the estimates range into a million or more. Sad to say, we have gotten used to much higher death counts.

So the bottom Wikiline, contrary as advertised, is: Look how few civilians were killed, but how many nasty enemies we are holding at bay. Maybe it's time to take the battle to them!

This is a perfect ploy for reaching the liberal left, those who even care about civilian casualties, and getting them on message about Iran and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, a grand charade is made about reclassifying the "secrets" and catching the heroic leakers. A fine job of tomfoolery.

On their Wikileaks summary page, the Guardian points to a whole library of pretexts for war against Pakistan: "More than 180 files detail accusations the ISI has supplied, armed and trained insurgents since 2004 "

But they don't tell you the ISI is a daughter company of the CIA.
So you may well ask if this is all a set-up to open war on Pakistan?

The Guardian duly notes, "The war logs are likely to stoke passions in Pakistan where the rightwing press has long accused the US of seeking an excuse to invade and seize the country's nuclear weapons." [Of course, anybody who sees through their tall tales is a right-winger.]

"A hint of this reaction came from the ISI official. 'It's very strange such a huge cache of information can be leaked to the media so conveniently," he said. "Is it something deliberate? What is its purpose?' "

Quite the question.