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Tarpley on Alex Jones Show

Friday, May 27, 2011
John Leonard

NWO plans 6-billion genocide

Infowars.com / Prisonplanet.tv released a trailer for the Alex Jones - Webster Tarpley interview to be aired on May 27th. Here is a transcript

WGT: John P. Holdren is the resident science czar of the Obama White House. Holdren says that the optimum world population is one billion. The implications of his belief structure and his world outlook are genocide. This is a book called Ecoscience, this is a cookbook for the extermination of humanity. "To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people," says Holdren. He says you could do this by putting chemicals in food, and water. He wants to have licenses for birth. What happens to people that are born illegitimately, meaning, without a birth permit. Compulsory abortion -- think about that. He even writes about infanticide. In order to enforce this, he talks about a supernational monstrosity that he calls a "planetary regime." This means a world empire, a supranational one-world government that would attempt to control all details of human life. This is an ultra-Hitlerian genocidalist who is today operating out of the White House in Washington, DC, and it's time to kick him out.

Tarpley was also on Alex Jones on May 25th discussing the Central Asian imbroglio, according to Twitter - talking about the empire's latest offensives against Pakistan, the involvement of China, the Taliban countergang, India, Russia, Afghanistan, Saudis...

Tarpley believes that investment in technological progress would make it possible to support a growing population.

It's also true that quality of life need not be measured primarily in terms of conspicuous consumption, as modern society tends to do. The US could also support a larger population by using its resources more efficiently -- which happens to be what most of the rest of the world already does.

"To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people," Holdren says. Fewer of which kind of people? Well, logically, fewer of those who are consuming too much of this little planet, which belongs to all of us... fewer of those who are making war on us... sure, cutting back on a few of those people should improve conditions miraculously!

So who goes first? How about Holdren? It's his genius idea, let him show the way!