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Our Syria False Flag Clip a Hit

Friday, September 14, 2012
John Leonard

 The FSA  Massacres its Human Shields in Daraya

The first ever video clip from Progressive Press is here: The Big Lie & Dirty War on Syria: the Foreign Subversive Army Massacres its Human Shields in Daraya, in the final 13-minute version. A 12-minute beta version "How the FSA Massacred Citizens of Daraya," was posted on Youtube on Sept. 3. It got 9,000 views in the first 3 days, largely thanks to Alex Jones. The video clip received quite a few positive comments, too, for which we are exceedingly grateful, as the production was a big effort. 

The video asks why the Mainstream Media or MSM only report unfounded insinuations by FSA supporters that the massacre was done by "Assad forces," when a Syrian TV channel reported live that the victims were killed before the army arrived. Eyewitnesses told of being tormented for days by the armed gangs before the Syrian Army arrived. The same thing had happened with the Houla massacre, where the USUK rushed to impose sanctions, although it later transpired the FSA were the perpetrators.

The video charges the MSM with complicity in arranging false flag events, calling them the MMM, or mass murdering media. The clip closes on a scene of suppressed news: millions of Syrians demonstrating for their government against foreign intervention.

David Icke used a lot of the footage and followed our script sequence for his long presentation Demonic Possession,The BBC & The Truth About Syria 

More on the story from my blog 

The book Subverting Syria, another Progressive Press publication effort, appears in print next week, priced at $10. The final edition of the e-book is now available for #3.99 here

Daraya Massacre Timeline

Aug. 25. Massacre in Daraya.
Aug. 25. Activists post video on Youtube of dead bodies in mosque, without evidence regarding perpetrators
Aug. 25. Syrian TV Adunya broadcasts a report with eyewitness interviews, giving a complete account of the massacre by FSA snipers.

Aug. 26. Adunya report with English captions is posted on Youtube
Aug. 26. Mainstream Media release a gushing torrent of hysterical reports blaming “Assad regime” for “biggest massacre yet.”

Aug. 27. “MSM Close Ranks around Daraya False Flag Coverup” posted here.
Aug. 28. Based on the overwhelming majority of news stories blaming “the regime,” a NATO teleconference decides in principle to strike Syria.
Non sequitur, casus belli.
Aug. 29. First Western journalist in Daraya is Robert Fisk of the Independent. He dodges FSA snipers to speak to resident eyewitnesses, who tell that the killings were carried out by armed gangs BEFORE the Army arrived.

Conclusion: we need to see through mainstream lies on their face in real time. It's too late if we wait for someone to debunk them.

Fisk's Aug. 29 article is entitled "Inside Daraya - how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre." He believes there were negotiations between the Army and the FSA about an exchange of hostages. When that failed, the Army moved in.

I was skeptical about Fisk's hostage exchange story, because an earlier hostage-taking in Khalidiya resulted only in the FSA dynamiting the building where the victims were held.

Yet Fisk's theory has an interesting aspect. The army has been criticized a lot (including by me) for shelling FSA-held neighborhoods to soften up sniper positions before going in. It was reported that the SAA are making efforts to approach these areas more cautiously.
So now they did that, and what happens? The people are tormented for four days -- as documented in our videoclip excerpts from Adunya -- and then they suffer the biggest massacre yet at the hands of the FSA !

Loyalist Syrians are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Maybe that's because their antagonist is the Great Satan?

Aug. 27

MSM Close Ranks around Daraya False Flag Coverup

Wall to wall, the mass media are toeing the official warmonger line on Daraya, citing "opposition activist" reports blaming "Assad's troops" -- usually with the hypocritical disclaimer that it's "as yet unconfirmed." Yet those reports were thoroughly debunked by Syrian TV. Let me ask you which account is more coherent:

- The "Activist" (CIActivist!) version. A couple hundred dead bodies are found, nobody really knows who shot them but we ASSUME it was ASSAD. That's the whole short story, folks.

- Syrian survivors version from Addounia TV.
For three or four days, armed gangs roamed the streets, trying to get into houses and sniping at people on the streets. Multiple witnesses agree they were not able to leave their homes. Some of them were in shelters.
Then, on the 25th, the gangs suddenly start to force people out of their houses, saying the Army is coming and is going to kill you. The gangs take groups of people to shelters. There one witness tells how some of the civilians were rounded up and shot.
The Army then arrives and a battle ensues in which the terrorists are driven off.

This more complete narrative agrees with all the witness statements and evidence. Even the quoted statements of the terrorists agree with it. The Army arrived when they said it would.

So here is a logical explanation for the sequence of events.

The insurgency has been suffering military and diplomatic defeats since the ill-fated attack on Aleppo. The little terrorists on the ground need help from the big terrorists in Washington. That means Hitlery Clinton and Barack Obomber need a pretext for a "no-fly zone" (euphemism for carpet bombing an independent nation back to the Ice Age.)

Remember the Houla massacre, blamed on "Assad forces." We soon proved it was to a false flag operation by the terrorist FSA. These facts were ignored, and sanctions were imposed on Syria. They want to repeat this now.

Accordingly, the FSA has been shooting civilians on the streets of Daraya for days, building up a death toll for the time the Army must come in to take the blame. As the Army arrives, they stampede some civilians to add to the death toll, and to use as human shields
. As the battle rages, they burn many of the bodies of their dead to hide their foreign identities. As noted by the LandDestroyer blog, the FSA is the successor to the LIFG, the Al-CIAda run Libyan death squads, who destroyed many cities in Libya -- so the FSA should certainly be the prime suspects.

The actions of the CIA-trained FSA insurgents certainly appear to be choreographed by CIA psychological warfare controllers.

In other words, the whole operation was tailor-made for the MEDIA -- the warmongerers of yellow journalism.

The time has come to rename the MSM, or Mainstream Media, as the MMM -- the Mass Murdering Media.

All hits on the first page of a Yahoo search on Daraya today propound the "opposition activist" version. Yesterday the #5 google hit on Daraya was infowars.com, with an excerpt of the Addounia TV report blaming terrorists for the massacre. Now it dropped to #9. All other results are "activist reports." A coherent narrative is put out by Syria, and it's buried.

I could find no major online media outlet that allows reader comments on the Daraya story. My comments to Huffington Post never showed up, but I'll try again. When I tried to post a comment to the "activist" youtube video, it said I have been blocked by the owner.

Clearly, the Mass Murdering Media really, really, really want the Daraya false flag to go unchallenged. 

On Russia Today, UK analyst Neil Clark also reminded us that such massacres seem always to occur just before a UN Security Council meeting.

Another Syrian TV report notes that the dead bodies in the mosque shown by the "activist" video are all males of fighting age. Reason: the FSA  burned their foreign dead and dragged their Syrian dead into the mosque for the false flag photo op. The FSA narrator claims the bodies have "throats slit by shabiha" but no slit throats are visible. The Syrian TV commentator also asks, if the FSA allegedly control great much of the country, then when the SAA enters a town held by the FSA, why the dead are supposedly all civilians and no FSA fighters?

URL of final version of Syria clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6YAOJ35yMk