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Help Save Syrian Refugee Family

Saturday, November 22, 2014
John Leonard

Tarpley's Translator in Syria in Great Danger

Our dear friend Adam in Syria, who has translated 9/11 Synthetic Terror into Arabic, and is doing his level best to get it published in Damascus, faces extreme and life-threatening conditions there. His home and office have been destroyed in the war. He and his family are in constant fear of being killed by terrorist insurgents, or in the crossfire of war now raging near their lodgings in the Damascus countryside.

Adam has a wife and two children, a son and daughter who are recent college graduates. Right now they are in dire lack of money for food, warm jackets and fuel for the winter, and for funds to travel to Lebanon or Europe as refugees.When their house was bombed and destroyed they had to flee, losing all their possession, even their winter clothest. 

As members of the Christian minority, the family are at extraordinary risk in the face of attacks by ISIS advancing on their village. Their most urgent need is for a $200 to $300 to help them move to a safer area. I have personally sent $100's to help out the family several times, but we are at the end of our budget for this. So i have set up a crowdfunding page for them here: 


Adam is desperately afraid he will lose his only son. He says the risk of being killed in the fighting is as high as 90% for young men his age. Getting his son to safety is a matter of life and death. 

If you or anyone you know might be able to help them with any emergency funds, please contact me at info at progressive press com. I can also give you direct contact if you wish to send money directly. (Due to sanctions against the Syrian government, the only way to send money to Syria now is by Western Union.)

Once again, their most desperate need right now is for a couple $100 to move his family away from the front lines, and for him to travel to Lebanon to find work to support them.

The refugee crisis in Syria keeps getting worse, as noted in this recent post to my Syria blog www.progressivepress.com/blog/dirty-war-syria

"Situation worsening in Syria. www.ibtimes.com/syrian-christians-face-difficult-decisions-refugee-crisis-grows-1416012 The United Nations predicts that 5.2 million Syrians -- nearly a quarter of the nation’s population -- will attempt to escape their homeland by the end of 2014 if the conflict continues unabated. The U.S., along with European nations including Sweden, Germany and Holland, recently agreed to take in a total of only about 10,000 Syrian refugees- That's only 2 tenths of 1 percent.   Middle Eastern neighbors Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have accepted the vast majority thus far."

Also, if anyone has the ability to sponsor this family for a visa abroad, such as a J1 visa (intern or au pair) for the children, or a work visa for Adam, that would be their most fervent desire. As well as translations into Arabic, they are educated and skilled in hotel management and food services, communications and accounting.  I would like them to act as an Arabic language branch of Progressive Press, but it is very difficult under the conditions in Syria.  

-- JP Leonard, publisher.