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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Ted Cohen

"Derision Points" in Times Cartoon...


 "This cartoon by Peter Brookes from The Times relates to the publication of George W. Bush's memoir, entitled 'Decision Points'.... Bush is telling us, "Don't forget to buy my new book 'Derision Points'". The use of the word 'derision' instead of 'decision' is a typical Bushism, but the cartoonist is also making a comment on the various disasters and controversies which occured during Bush's time in office, and which he doesn't seem to regret."

Progressive Press Press Release on Ted Cohen's New Title

"Derision Points" is Dubya's Candid Back Story

Revealing Bush portrait has the memories Bush's "Decision Points" memoir leaves out

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine, Nov. 9  –  A new Bush memoir,  Derision Points: Clown Prince Bush the W , is a refreshing antidote to Bush's  Decision Points .
"Derision Points  has the memories Dubya's memoir leaves out," says author Ted Cohen, a Kennebunkport reporter.
"It's kind of funny how Bush liked to call himself The Decider," says publisher JP Leonard, "since the decisions were made for him."
 Derision Points  is a revealing portrait of the young George W. Bush as a rowdy teenage prankster, then a towel-snapping frat boy at an Ivy League college. Next Poppy Bush helps him dodge the draft -- and get elected to the highest office. Stranger than fiction?
It's a tipsy tale and not too flattering, yet one can't help sympathizing with the anti-hero. Dubya is a mischievous but likable character who just wanted to have a good time -- it was never his idea to be a President or even a Bush at all.
Cohen peels back the onion of Bush's dysfunctional family.
" Derision Points: Clown Prince  highlights what life was like behind the scenes in the Bush household," Cohen said. "This was a very famous and driven family."
Cohen portrays the elder Bush as a man focused on career. It was all politics. Barbara Bush was a single parent in her husband's constant and unnerving absences.
"But it's not gloomy by any means. The story line moves quickly, buoyed by humor and dialogue. It's a fun book by a very funny guy," Leonard said. "And it's also a good insight into ruling class behavior. And the clincher for me was that they fired Ted for reporting the DUI story."
Author Ted Cohen was the reporter on the Kennebunkport beat who scooped the story of Bush's DUI arrest just before the election.
The book's full title is  Derision Points: Clown Prince Bush the W, the Real Story of Bush's Decision Points .