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Big antiwar march in Libya

Friday, July 1, 2011
John Leonard

Tarpley Exclusive Eyewitness Report

MSM blacks out million-strong protest -  Webster Tarpley posted to Twitter: http://twitter.com/WebsterGTarpley/

"controlled US & European media including and boycott peaceful anti-war demo in Libya today +1 million peaceful protestors"

A search of Google News on July 2nd turned up no story on any such march.

Tarpley has been interviewed by 15 world news outlets during his 2-week visit to Libya from June 22 to July 5. More details here  http://tarpley.net/audio/WCR-20110709.mp3 . On World Crisis Radio, Tarpley called for a Color Revolution Watch for observers to signal and share awareness of impending CIA subversion. At the moment Thailand is targeted as is Italy by pseudo-populist Purple People (whose only substantive program is to collect half a billion for Carlo de Benedetti.) 

More Libya reports here http://tarpley.net/ .

List of Tarpley's Interviews from Tripoli
RT - Russia Today
Telesur, Venezuela, 3 interviews with Rolando Segura in Tripoli
CCTV Chinese National Television - half-hour in-depth interview with their correspondent
Phoenix TV - short interview on the dock in Tripoli when the refugee ship came in
Italian publishing house
Radio Populare Milano, main left wing radio station in Milan
KPFA San Francisco - Bonnie Faulkner's program Guns and Butter - one-hour in-depth interview, also on KPFK and WBAI
Informativo Pacifica with Fernando Velazquez on KPFK Los Angeles in Spanish - hope to have it on Tarpley.net Spanish page
Kevin Barrett - Truth Jihad Radio - one-hour indepth interview
one-hour Interview on Libyan TV with Dr. Shakir translated to Arabic coming on Tarpley.net Arabic page
Alex Jones, 3 interviews, the one on Friday July was a live commentary on the very large anti-war demonstration in Green Square in Tripoli
Interview in German with Kopp Verlag
Interview with RAI TV in Italy
Interview with Press TV of Iran