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8-9 a.m. Central, Chris Clark

Friday, July 23, 2010

on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. Listen here: talkstreamlive or see GCNLive.com archives for the Power Hour.
Marie Gunther at the Power Hour wrote:

FRIDAY – JULY 23:  “Change Your Thoughts” to “Change Your World”:

Author CHRISTOPHER CLARK believes the stage is set for an all out war of tyranny and deception versus liberty and truth.  We must face the underlying cause of our oppression:  ourselves.  We must address our fears, our passivity, and our reluctance to embrace our inherent power. 
Whoever becomes more CONSCIOUS will triumph in this epic battle of freedom.

Chris serves as a reminder that we must change the way we view events and how we phrase them. 

Here is a current example of how we are being played by the controlling elite in a masterful game of psychological warfare –
the ever popular call for “a revolution”! 

Here is what Chris has to say about “a revolution” in his new book The Triumph of Consciousness:

Let’s be clear in America, we already had a revolution.  The year was 1776.  The globalists are the ones who are now fomenting revolution.  They’re the ones trying to overthrow our government.  We don’t need a revolution.  We need to quell their revolution and reestablish our Constitution.  They’re the radicals.  They’re the revolutionaries, not us.  It is our job to expose them for who they are and stop letting them turn the tables on us.



The Triumph of Consciousness: Overcoming False Environmentalism, Lapdog Media and Global Government  (by) Christopher James Clark

NOW available  online "24/7"at www.ThePowerMall.com or
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