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4-Day SF Bay 9/11 Film Fest

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ken Jenkins reports on a very rich program of new 9/11 films.
Ken supplies us with Adam Curtis and DR Griffin DVDs under his Lightwork and 911 TV labels.

It's that time of year again, and this year is the ninth anniversary of 9/11.  The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance is once again hosting a speaker and film festival at Oakland's Grand Lake Theater.  The Grand Lake Theater event, which lasts all afternoon and evening, is on September 9th (Thursday), but this year there are 2 additional theater venues also featuring  9/11 truth films and speakers, from Sept 10th through Sept 12th.  The schedules and location details for each event are listed below.

This year's 9/11 Truth Film Festival will be held in three venues over four days and feature five different programs. 
The Festival runs from September 9th through September 12th and is being held in theaters in Oakland, San Francisco and San Leandro.

The annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival opens this year on Thursday, September 9th at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, with a nine hour program of speakers, films, filmmakers and more.
It then moves over to San Francisco's intimate
VIZ Cinema in Japantown for a Friday-night double feature with filmmaker present for Q & A. 
Saturday, September 11th the Festival continues with two all-day programs, one at the VIZ Cinema in San Francisco,
and the other at
The Historic Bal Theatre in San Leandro. 
The Festival closes with an afternoon program at the
VIZ Cinema on Sunday, Sept 12th.
Highlights of the Festival include the world premiere of the new film Hypothesis, featuring physicist Dr. Steven Jones,
the North American premiere of the film
War Promises,
and live presentations by:
Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff of
Project Censored,
physics professor David Chandler, and
author/filmmaker Servando Gonzalez. 
A video documentary of the recent
San Francisco AE911Truth Press Conference commemorating 1000 Architects and Engineers petition signatories will also premiere.
The Festival also features the San Francisco premieres of several international films, including Zero: An Investigation into 9/119/11 False Flag, and War Promises.
The 9/11 Film Festival is produced by the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and is cosponsored by The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Grand Lake Theater, VIZ Cinema, and The Historic Bal Theatre.
The all-day events at the Grand Lake and Bal Theaters have a $10 admission price.  Each film or double feature at the VIZ Cinema involves a separate $10 admission price.
What follows are the complete schedules for the film festival:

Thursday, September 9th at the Grand Lake Theater, Oakland:

1:00     Intro & film: 9/11: Science & Society, Dr. Steven Jones (90 min.)

2:35     Intro & film: Cover up in Oklahoma (52 min.)

3:30     Break & Networking (10 min.)

3:40     Intro & film:  AE 1000 SF Press Conference (65 min.)

4:50      Northern CA 9/11 group updates ~5 min. each (30 min.)

5:20      Networking and very short Dinner break (20 min.)

5:40      Intro to evening program (includes intro to next film) (5 min.)
5:45      Film: War Promises (75 min.)  

7:00     Intro & speaker: Mickey Huff (includes audience polling) (40 min.)

7:40      Break & Networking (10 min.)

7:50      AE911Truth update: Scott Page (includes intro for Eutectic video) (10 min.)

8:00      Eutectic Steel video (10 min.)

8:10      Intro & Speaker: David Chandler (includes his WTC 7 video) (40 min.)

8:55      Filmmaker Brett Smith introduces his film Hypothesis (5 min.)

9:00      Film: Hypothesis (about Steven Jones) (45 min.) 

9:45      Intro & Speaker: Peter Phillips (45 min.)

10:30    Music videos (30 min.)

11:00    Clear theater and lobby

Friday, September 10th at the VIZ Cinema, San Francisco:

- Double Feature -

            7:00 Film: 9/11: Press For Truth (85)

            9:00 Film: Hypothesis (48) Q&A with filmmaker Brett Smith follows film

Saturday, September 11th at the Bal Theatre, San Leandro:

1:00      Film: 9/11: Press for Truth (85)

2:25      Break (5)

2:30      Film: War Promises (75)

3:45     Break and Networking (15)

4:00       Film: 9/11: Science & Society, Steven Jones (120 min.)

6:00     Speaker: Mickey Huff of Project Censored (30)

6:30       SATYAGRAHA - 100 Years of Nonviolence (17)

6:47     Break and Networking (13)

7:00     AE911Truth update (includes intro for Eutectic video) (10)  - Scott Page

Eutectic Steel video (10)

7:20     Speaker: David Chandler (includes his WTC 7 video) (60)

8:20      Break and Networking (10)

8:30     Filmmaker Brett Smith introduces his film Hypothesis (10)

8:40     Film: Hypothesis (about Steven Jones) (48) 

9:30         Speaker:  Servando Gonzalez (30)

10:00       Music

11:00   Clear lobby

Saturday, September 11th at the VIZ Cinema, San Francisco:

1:00 Film:
For the Children of 9/11 (90)

2:50 Film: Zero: An Investigation into 9/11 (104)

5:00 Film: Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (115)

7:15 Film: War Promises (75)

unday, September 12th at the VIZ Cinema, San Francisco:

12:00 Film: 9/11 False Flag (72)

- Double Feature -

            1:45 Film: 9/11: Press For Truth (85)

            3:45 Film: Hypothesis (48)

5:15 Film: War Promises (75)

For more Information such as theater locations please go to our website:
The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance website: www.sf911truth.org
Film festival blog: http://norcal-9-11-film-festival.blogspot.com/


The 6th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival Program Schedules