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A portrait of our times, society and religion. Reveals to the modern reader for the first time...

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Ecology, Ideology and Power

This book warns against the effort to sell a reactionary economic, political and social agenda dressed up as concern for and protection of the environment. The author is in no way opposed to any genuine ecological concerns, but this work demonstrates that what we call "environmentalism" is primarily an expression of the world view of segments of the world's upper class. When they...

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Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, The

Over the course of half a century, polls have repeatedly shown that most Americans refuse to accept the official story of the Kennedy Assassination. That story, set forth by the media and by a Presidential Commission dominated by representatives of the most powerful private forces in the nation, was that the President was killed by a lone assassin with radical tendencies and an abnormal mind...

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Grand Deceptions

New Release Nov. 1, 2014. The ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Israel is a topic that most people dare not touch. But one cannot even begin to understand the geopolitical reality of today’s world without addressing the issue.

Grand Deceptions is a short, concise study of Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, Zionist influence over US foreign...

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Target: China
History, Politics, War

F. William Engdahl, international bestselling author and strategic analyst, discusses the as yet hidden agenda of American elites to weaken China, and the dangers that presents.

China today has become a world economic giant in just three decades. The country’s central bank holds more than $3.5 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, mostly in dollars. Without the Chinese colossus,...

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JFK-9/11 assembles the most significant and well-documented “deep events” of the last fifty years into a coherent narrative of the “deep history” of the United States and its sphere of influence. The result is both a concise introduction for newcomers, and an insightful perspective for informed readers.

Relying strictly on documented evidence and state-of-the-art...

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The Iraq Lie
Middle East, Politics, War

How deceptive can Washington be? In The Iraq Lie, former Pennsylvania Congressman Joseph M. Hoeffel tells all. No other member of Congress has yet written a book relaying a Washington insider’s viewpoint about the lobbying and false pretenses that took the country to war.

Hoeffel recounts behind-the-scenes White House briefings, Iraqi exile lobbying of...

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Killing Us Softly

The international community, aided by the United Nations and motivated by the best intentions, has used covert methods to combat population growth. In the process, they have committed sinister crimes and inadvertently degraded our intellectual and genetic endowments, in order to preserve humanity from the even greater evils of nuclear annihilation, mass starvation and environmental devastation...

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In Search of the Truth

A portrait of our times, society and religion. Reveals to the modern reader for the first time the secret intrigues and conspiracies of Satan that will bring the world, inevitably, to destruction, unless all spiritually aware people and Muslims unite and stand up against the army of forces of Evil. The author is a sheikh of a dervish order.

1. Sufi mysticism and...

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Battling Wall Street

Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the meaning and the legacy of his presidency are as much the subject of controversy as are the facts of his murder.

Was JFK a tool of the Eastern Establishment - of the corporate and banking elites - or was he their bitterest enemy? Did his policies - domestic and international, implemented and unfulfilledserve to...

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Troublesome Country
History, Society

How good are we at living up to our own values that we claim and market to the world? Addressing that question, Troublesome Country is a complete, nuanced, generation-by-generation history of the United States, from Columbus to Washington to 9/11 and beyond, held up to the light of our shared national creed. Troublesome Country measures our actions and tendencies against the values we believe...

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The Money Power
William Guy Carr & E. C. Knuth

"The Money Power" - two geopolitical classics on the hand behind the wars and revolutions of modern times, engineered by an English-speaking finance oligarchy to perpetuate their balance of power over the world. They are the power behind the British throne and the American government. Behind a mask of liberal democracy, their method is subversion, destruction of the old world...

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Who Should Go Down in History
Chuck W. Maultsby

There is a growing realization that 9/11 was a so called "False Flag" operation. In other words, it was an inside job perpetrated by some American Government officials, some private American citizens, and some operatives of a foreign government. There is an abundance of seemingly irrefutable evidence available to everyone in the public domain on the internet. This book captures some...

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