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Troublesome Country

Why We Need to Live up to Our Creed: A History of War, Injustice and Greed
Author bio: 
James Hufferd

Does our nation practice what it preaches? Troublesome Country holds up the history of the USA to the light of our shared national creed, measuring our actions and tendencies against the values we believe make America a special nation.
The five creedal tenets listed below are propositions from our founding era, a living idea base that has united and defined our nation from its beginnings. How we apply them is documented by our history, revealing a distressing ongoing failure to realize our promise as a nation.
Examples examined include our abject failure to apply our laws uniformly for different economic and ethnic groups. Likewise evident is our governments’ tendency to act separately from the public will in virtually every circumstance, flaunting the principle of democracy. A third crucial shortfall that’s difficult to understand is the failure of Congress — at the expense of our independence and financial viability — to obey the Constitutional mandate (Article I, Section 8) for the government, not a private agency, to issue and substantiate our currency. Further glaring violations of our defining civic belief system are explained and documented.
This book is a measuring-stick that indicates the only likely cure for our now-conspicuous national failure to compete and thrive is for our citizens to deliberately live up to our magnificent common creed themselves, while holding to strict account our public servants and institutions to do the same.
The tenets of America’s creed described and employed in the book are:
1) The people should control the government.
2) Freedom from government control.
3) All men (all people) are created equal: laws must be applied equally.
4) Liberty and Justice for all. (The mandate of due process.)
5) Personal and national independence. (Americans, richly advantaged by nature, should live largely independently.)
I.e., 1) Democracy, 2) Freedom, 3) Equality, 4) Justice, 5) Independence.

Author website: www.911grassroots.org/

Interview with Marti Oakley of TS Radio, Jan. 5, 2015, on the themes in the book www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley/2015/01/05/troublesome-country-book-review-with-author-james-hufferd

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