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 America s hegemonic project in the post 9/11 era is the Globalization of War whereby the U...

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In Search of the Truth

An Exposure of the Conspiracy
Author bio: 
Azar Mirza-Beg

A portrait of our times, society and religion. Reveals to the modern reader for the first time the secret intrigues and conspiracies of Satan that will bring the world, inevitably, to destruction, unless all spiritually aware people and Muslims unite and stand up against the army of forces of Evil. The author is a sheikh of a dervish order.

1. Sufi mysticism and autobiography: the author’s search for a sage in the spiritual wasteland of the USSR.
2. The decadence of Western atheistic modernism and Soviet Communism.
3. The corruption of nations by intelligence agencies.
4. Zionist Jewry: destruction of the Soviet Union, and war on Islam.
5. Society perverted by the media.
6. Islam twisted by Young Turks and Wahhabis.
7. Neo-fascism in Europe.

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