9/11 and NWO

ISIS started as rebels under the US occupation of Iraq. They grew by ravaging Libya and Syria....

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Oct 14 2018 : All Call it FAKEBOOK!

FAKEBOOK and NITWITTER shut down 800 alt media...

Sep 26 2017 : Revealed: US supports ISIS-SDF alliance against Syria

US gives ISIS orders in Deir Ezzor...

Aug 24 2017 : Yandex 3, Google 0

 Google search suppresses Progressive Press...

Inside the Gestapo: Hitler's Shadow over the World

Author name: 
Hansjürgen Koehler

The fascinating first-hand account by a top defector of the ruthlessness, spy intrigues and curious personalities of the Third Reich. A unique and intimate record, full of surprises, sardonic wit and tragic endings. The name Koehler is believed to be a pseudonym of Franz Heinrich Pfeiffer, a high-ranking SS officer. Of his published works it has been commented that "the historian is torn between the almost certainly accurate inside information, the obviously fictional accounts, and much that has yet to be tested." Following a disagreement with superiors, Pfeiffer left Nazi Germany in 1935 to work for Polish and Hungarian intelligence, then fled to Switzerland in 1939. The book was originally published around 1940 in London. He died in the early 1950's.

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