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Dixie Reckoning

A Reassessment of the Lincoln Assassination and Lost Confederate Treasury
Author bio: 
Rick Stelnick

Finally brings to light what has been hidden in plain sight and has puzzled historians and history buffs alike for almost a century and a half, by unmasking the shadowy Northerners and sinister Southerners who were backstage behind the two major crimes of the 19th century -- the mayhem that resulted in the murder of the sixteenth U.S. President, and the mystery which covered up the Confederacy's missing multi-million dollar treasure.

Advance reviews

"Dixie Reckoning: A Reassessment of the Lincoln Assassination and Lost Confederate Treasury does so much more than "break fresh ground." It has, in fact, discovered new ground, and tilled it brilliantly. A work that is factually correct and stimulating is always a joy; a work that supercedes all that has gone before it, and is brilliantly written, is a treasure NOT to be missed. Treat yourself to the best volume you will read this year!" -- Walt Brown, former special agent of U.S. Justice Department with a Ph.D. in history from the University of Notre Dame. In addition to being the editor of JFK/Deep Politics, Dr. Brown is the author of seven books on the JFK assassination including: The People v. Lee Harvey Oswald, Treachery in Dallas, Referenced Index Guide to the Warren Commission, JFK Assassination Quizbook, The Warren Commission, The Global Index to the JFK Assassination, The Guns of Texas Are Upon You: Conglomerates, Corruption, and the Death of JFK; & available on CD-ROM, Master Analytic Chronology: The Death of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963 [The longest JFK compendium in existence at 15,250 pages, 257,000 paragraphs, and almost 6 million words as of Feb. 2011.]

"Quick moving account that grips my attention. A book built on the foundation of the ‘knowns’ of Henson's very interesting life - an exciting read. As to Booth vs. Lincoln, I think that you've hit upon something!" -- David Winfred Gaddy; Co-Author of Come Retribution: The Confederate Secret Service And The Assassination Of Lincoln, former Analyst of the National Security Agency, and first Director of the Center for Cryptologic History a.k.a. National Cryptologic Museum.

"I knew Tidwell. We are both VMI [Virginia Military Institute] products. JPB [Judah Philip Benjamin] and Jefferson are my favorite Americans. I am aware that the SCV [Sons of Confederate Veterans] crowd are hostile to the idea that their ancestors might have been practical men intent on winning the war and independence. My most significant comment would be that it is possible to use history as best one understands it as a framework or skeleton for the expression of "truths" about human nature or persistent circumstances in life. I think you really want to write history. Henson was a real man. I think you want to tell his real story.” --Walter Patrick "Pat" Lang, Jr., retired U.S. Army colonel, Department of Defense HUMINT expert and author of The Butcher's Cleaver and Death Piled Hard [both subtitled A Tale of the Confederate Secret Services].