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Is the US ready to invade Europe?

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Richard Cottrell

A recent news items tells of a Kissinger contingency plan to occupy the Azores should there be a Communist coalition government in Portugal.

Very much along the lines of what we know about Kissinger and Gladio -- both then and now:

AFP 19 Nov. Raw Story 20 Nov  WASHINGTON — The Pentagon had contingency plans to "take over" the Azores archipelago in 1975 in the event of a possible communist takeover of Portugal, newly released US government documents showed Friday.

The Bottom Line – Fear of Flying

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Richard Cottrell

I have a sneaking suspicion that the aggravation and industrial molestation that has seized the US airport industry has much less to do with protecting travellers than dragooning Americans into a comatose state of obedience. The nation is being schooled into ever more pervasive inspections and examinations in the most sensitive regions conducted in the full glare and bustle of an airport’s daily activities. I am quite sure this will end up, and sooner rather than later, in random full strip downs and intimate and invariably protracted cavity searches.

"A Tory Blair" .... A Word In Your Ear About David Cameron

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Richard Cottrell

For those who have not yet caught up with the news, he is the new British prime minister, six months into the job. What a difference an election makes. A man whose grandfather about 500 times removed was the 1st Tudor Henry VII (1485-1505) is suddenly Dave the Rave according to the swooning pundits of the British media. Whereas he once used to ride a bike to work, he now walks there on the grey waters of the Thames.

From Russia With Love

The Russians are coming, to paraphrase Paul Revere, or so we are told.
It is just the Great Game redux, of course. The Great Game, let us remember with profit in these confusing times, was a 19th century power struggle between the Russian Empire and the British one for control of Afghanistan, which both blocs saw as a buffer state – chronically poor, with no resources worth the name, populated by tribes living in the Middle Ages – but a strategically important pawn all the same.

Watch Turkey

Istanbul, or Constantinople as it was known, has been at the apex of many important incidents in world history. But when the Ottoman empire collapsed after WW1, a great power of centuries vanished from the world stage in the twinkling of an eye. The vastly scaled down Republic of Turkey, which took its place, began the long slide to a Third World state, lacking all the necessities of modern infrastructure, backward, isolated and weighed down by rural and urban poverty.

Weimar Comes to America -- Taking Back the New Deal

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the Stars & Stripes.”

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