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What’s next in Greece: the return of Operation Gladio?

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

Just as I predicted, the leaders of the two main political forces in Greece – New Democracy on the Right and Pasok on the Left – are meeting quietly in the proverbial smoke filled rooms to stitch up the forthcoming elections, presently scheduled for some still unknown date in April.

I have explained countless times that the self-interested political castes – which center on two family clans, the Papandreou socialist faction and the Karamanlis conservatives – have between them thoroughly misruled Greece since the fascist junta collapsed back in 1974.

Right now their eyes are popping from their heads because the opinion polls inform them that a wary electorate, crashed by the EU imposed austerity bulldozer, will vote for almost anyone except these establishment stooges.

The polls report big gains for the parties of the Left who are committed to reneging down to the last cent on the brutal rape of the country.

The far Right Laos quasi-socialists are quietly confident they will be a significant force in the new Vouli (the Athens parliament), that is if elections really do take place.

The response from the hypocritical and utterly cynical family clans is a series of meetings behind closed doors aimed at pulling yet another trick on the very same people they have mugged and trashed for years.

Left and Right would form a grand coalition either in advance of the elections, or immediately afterwards, in order to escape the electoral vice which is now tightening around them.

My money is on the second option, simply because it is more dishonest than the first.

Of course the Greek Quisling, EU gaulieter Lukas Papademos, is up to his ears in the plot. He needs a government of pliant toadies to finish off the job of plundering his own country. The nightmares of the communists and the pro-fascists ripping up his precious package and hurling it in the sea have left him sleepless for nights.

The ‘troika’ (excuse, me Junta) continues to regard Greece as some kind of plaything.

They yearn to see the Vouli converted to a kind of echo chamber for the total management and government of the country by Brussels. This why the there is a tacit agreement among them to don the ear muffs when the family clans pledge between them to ‘re-negotiate’ the bailout deals.

This is the only pitch that Pasok and New Democracy can possibly make to the voters and expect to retain some semblance of credibility.

You can be quite sure however that the language will be so imprecise and vague that it can ultimately be read to mean anything – or nothing.

As soon as the sham elections are out of the way, it will be business as usual. However will the Greeks fall for yet another of the hundreds of con tricks to which they have been subjected over the past 38 years since the so-called ‘colonels’ were rounded up and thrown into jail?

I seriously doubt that this will be the case. But there is another possibility. Namely, are the soldiers once again waiting around the corner in their tanks and armored cars with the engines running?

The former French Prime Minister, Michel Rocard, has just said that a military coup may be the only option to ‘save’ Greece from – he presumably means – itself.

I ask myself just how willing Quisling Papademos and his Brussels EU-ECB-IMF string pullers are to contemplate an unruly parliament in which non-establishment forces of the Left and Right hold sway?

Not very is the obvious answer, in which event the putsch option does become a real alternative.

From my weekend scanning of the Greek media I observe that the infamous Tammany Hall deal is out in the open, while at the same time voting intent for the two main parties continues to plunge southwards.

The ferrets of the media have got nowhere so far in trying to discover the projected date for the election.

This is a very important clue because the Quisling parties are still in the position of deciding this date for themselves.

They will continue to dither on fixing a date for the election so long as there is real doubt of the outcome.

They have no intention of committing themselves to a plebiscite in which they might face the very real prospect of being wiped out at worst, or unable to control the parliament at best.

The old political adage that turkeys rarely vote for Christmas (or Thanksgiving Day) applies here.

In these circumstances one is bound to raise the option of some kind of coup by a notch or two.

As I write in my forthcoming book about Gladio (linked below), the NATO secret armies responsible for the ‘years of lead’, the wave of synthetic violence that swept Europe in the 1970s and 80s, it is always possible to create the impression of a country – in this case Greece – teetering on the verge of meltdown.

Genuine, popular demonstrations of protest are hijacked by agents provocateur from the police, secret paramilitary units, intelligence agencies and the armed forces.

If one studies the footage of ‘anarchists’ and so forth held to be responsible for street riots, arson and mass vandalism, one can already see the perfectly obvious tell-tale signs of these tactics already being in use.

[Editor’s note: this practice is widespread across the world. For a great example of how this manifests in North America, check out the documentary Into the Fire which documents clear provocateur activity during the brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrations during the G20 Summit in Canada.]

In the years of lead, this mode of operations was known as the ‘Strategy of Tension.’ Electorates were frightened by bands of urban guerrillas like the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, the November 17 gang in Greece, the Angry Brigades in the UK, to rush to the arms of safe Right-wing authorities. All these movements were steered to some extent by the secret deep state in each country.

The bogey in those days was communist subversion. Fetched from the storage loft of history, dusted down and spruced up, the Strategy of Tension was restored to full active service to terrify voters with the mirage of mass Islamic terrorism.

More recently – the London riots for example – the same tactics morphed to dramatize the peril of anarchists and other individuals minded to break with the establishment notion of the state.

My educated guess is that we will see a sudden rise in ‘violence’ as the date for the election nears. This will be milked in order to drive voters towards the Karamanlis and Papandreou camps.

If the Strategy falters or seems to be missing the target, then it becomes a very strong possibility that the elections will be cancelled and some kind of putsch will occur.

The EU-ECB-IMF Junta cannot possibly allow the Greeks to decide the issue, unless it is clear that they are responding correctly to the lash.

If the Greeks voted the wrong way it would be the end of far more than the pillage of small disobedient and stubborn country. The entire structure of centralized fiscal management of all eurozone states could collapse.

For starters, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Irish, the Italians, all finding themselves in the austerity firing line, would similarly be encouraged to make a firm stand in defense of the sovereignty of their own countries. In Washington, Brussels and Frankfurt, that is an unthinkable scenario.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book

Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe

is now available from

Progressive Press

. You may order it using the link below (or by clicking here –

Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis


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Edited by Madison Ruppert