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Stockholm: The Secret War Continues

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

The so called terrorist explosion in Stockholm, Sweden, has taken an interesting turn with widespread reports in the Swedish media that it was actually the work of underground military agents. It was certainly an inept exercise at a time when public support for the Swedish imbroglio in Afghanistan is flagging, and the country is getting mega-dose coverage in the international media, thanks to its front seat in the Assange Circus.  An irresistable and timely opportunity for a little distraction. As so often with the best-laid plans, someone planted a large foot in this one. Just a few hours before the bombs went off near the city centre, killing one person and injuring another, a senior member of the Swedish military contacted a friend with a warning to steer clear of the subsequent explosion scene, in Queen Street (Drottinggatan) ... with the words "a lot can happen there."
None of this surprises me. Sweden is theoretically a neutral state, but in reality has been on the leash of the 'alliance for peace and progress' since the former CIA director Bill Colby established a branch of the NATO Gladio secret army structure in the country back in 1951. Swedes lived in ignorance for years that large silver fish with nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at Moscow were using the western fjords as secret launching pens throughout the tensest periods of the Cold War.
On March 1st, 1986, the charismatic JFK-like premier Olof Palme was shot dead as he left a Stockholm cinema with his wife towards midnight. The case remains officially unsolved. In my forthcoming attraction coming from Progressive Press (Fighting Dirty: How NATO, Neo Nazis and the Mafia fought a Secret War in Europe) I demonstrate that the leftovers of Colby's Gladio secret army structure were the probable suspects. The Gladio units were established as sleeping soldiers to 'stay behind' and harass Soviet invaders. Russian boots failing to materialise, they turned  on the orders of NATO to dramatise the 'enemy within', a psycho ops war of bombings and shootings which terrorised ordinary European citizens for more than twenty years.  
Sweden is one of those unfortunate countries the United States and the NATO command structure regard as too important to be left to her own devices. Palme got in the way because he was dedicated to disarmament and a nuclear-free Europe. He was also the UN-appointed umpire trying to broker a lasting cease-fire in the Iran-Iraq war, where the US was playing piggy in the middle with both sides to the conflict. If Palme stumbled on Iran-Contra, that was sufficient in itself to earn a contract job.
This largest of the Scandinavian states was always at the front line in the east-west freeze, and she remains so today. The recent elections brought an extreme right-wing grouping, with a pronounced antipathy to immigration from Islamic countries, into the national parliament as a powerful third force in Swedish politics. This is hardly an accidental background to the explosions and part of the long story, instigated from outside the country by the usual suspects in foreign intelligence agencies, to mould public opinion by means of violence.

The Secret War is far from over.

Richard Cottrell is a former European MP. Speaking of the Julian Assange circus, Richard picked up on this story that's been posted around the web: the CIA are running a mirror site for wikileaks....