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LIHOP in Libya -- Useful Idiots and Media Bloodlust as US Consul Sacrificed to Stoke Islamophobia

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

 I have some advice for Mr Obama. If he truly wishes to find the authors of the attack which killed the Libyan ambassador Mr Christopher Stephens, then look no further than Langley Virginia, where he will also find the headquarters of the CIA.

The Libyan affair bears all the hallmarks of 'just let it happen' as beloved of the spy trade. It was the classic weapon of NATO's 'years of lead' throughout Europe in the 1970's and 80's. Intercept a plot for some dastardly deed, then look the other way. The blame can then be twisted for political motives.

During the years of lead, communists and fellow travellers invariably got astuck with the blame for scores of murders and bombings, when in fact the atrocities were planned in the deep state and performed by the Gladio secret army units under the command of NATO, or their sub-contractors drawn from the ranks of the secret services, organised crime and neo-fascists.

The classic ploy of 'just let it happen' was very important. Urban guerilla movements like the Red Brigades in Italy, the Baader-Meinhof Red Army Faction in Germany and the long lasting (no less than three decades) November 17 in Greece were routinely infiltrated and steered to violent acts. This synthetic or counterfeit terrorism was an important device to prolong the Cold War and thus justify the massive armaments spending on which the US economy had come to depend.

Today these same tactics have been rolled out and aimed at a new target, the Muslim world. This is what recent horrific events in Libya are all about.

Look at all the tell-tale signs. An American ambassador assigned to a particularly hot location finds himself virtually without security as an organised mob scents his blood. The well-trained marines who normally guard US diplomatic facilities strangely melted away. They are replaced by Libyans and 'special forces' organised by the US State Department.

That's enough in itself to frighten anybody out of their wits.

The US was responsible for inciting the NATO invasion of Libya, and everyone in Libya knows that. The West armed a rag-tag rabble of so-called dissidents who between them wrecked what had previously been the Arab world's most shining example of modern progress. But no, that's not enough when there's oil beneath those sands, and a central bank stacked from floor to ceiling with solid gold.

Sure Gaddafi's Libya was no haven of human rights, but neither for that matter is the United States, which condones torture -- illegally snatching victims from the streets and flying them off to secret prisons -- runs a Soviet-style gulag in an occupied snippet of Cuba, and boasts a president who is allowed to peruse a death list of US citizens who are going to be assassinated to his personal order.

The Libyan episode clearly owes its origins in the mysterious Mohammed Cartoons affair back in 2005. Picturing the Prophet in unflattering circumstances was a deliberate provocation by a known Right-wing Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, which it may be remembered organised a competition to find the best one.

This provocative time bomb aimed at the Muslim world came just four months after the bombings of the London Transport system, supposedly by four young Pakistanis, and eighteen months after a similar holocaust on the Madrid subrurban railway network -- for which no clear evidence was ever adduced for the hands of Islamic extremists.

The cartoons affair broke while the Danish prime minister on watch was the fanatical dry-as-dust Right-winger Anders Fogh Rassmusen, who was elevated to secretary general of NATO in 2009. Denmark is a tiny country where everybody knows everyone else and almost everyone is called Rasmussen anyway. Its very easy to pick up the phone to the editor of a popular Islamophobic daily and ask if he's had any new ideas for reader competitions recently? I mention that in passing.

Now it seems we have a Likudnik fanatic who spent a reputed $5 millions making another cartoon, this one bite-sized to fit You Tube to a tee. The enraged Arab world goes up in flames all over again, the unfortunate Ambassador Stephens is brutally butchered in more or less prime-time television, and Al Qaeda is back out of the closet once more. After bin Laden was killed yet again, a lot of the oxygen keeping the war on terror alive was suddenly shut off. It needed some dramatic air time to justify the endless wars in which the US and NATO are engaged.

Here we have it, bang on cue to match the anniversary of 9/11.

Moreover, there is a serious demand for high moral overtones, tut-tutting at maniacs who are apparently bred to order in the Islamic world -- in fact, just like the ones the west hired to wreck Libya. The world is again being tutored to believe that all Muslims are terrorists-in-waiting, that Islam is a dud religion dreamed up by an illiterate camel driver, we are involved in a 'clash of civilisations' and that the Arab world is sad and backward because it refuses to repent and embrace Jesus as the Son of God -- or Judaism.

This, unfortunately, is why Ambassador Stephens met his sick and grisly death. The flagging 'war on terror' gets a fresh shot in the arm, the madmen and beasties who infest the Islamic universe are on the loose once again. Only eternally armed vigilance can guarantee that we are safe in our homes and beds.

Look, a lot of people feared the nutcases would blow up the Olympics. The fact that the great games passed off without incident was actually a warning, as I said at the time. Now the selective take-out of a senior US diplomatic official, who was allowed to go about in what is effectively a war zone without any effective protection or security, speaks far louder than all the words that I can offer here.

Just Let It Happen.

Richard Cottrell is the author of Gladio: NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe, published by Progressive Press, California USA.