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An American Breivik: terror expert says Aurora shootings "in the same line as Norwegian mass killer"

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

An American Breivik: terror expert says Aurora shootings "in the same line as Norwegian mass killer"

The mass shooting at the screening of the new Batman movie 'Dark Knight Rising' at a theatre in Aurora, Colorado, stands in line with a similar mass murder event in Norway last June, according to the author of a new book on politically-inspired terrorism.

Richard Cottrell, ex-Euro Parliamentarian, author of the recently published "Gladio: NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe", says the parallels with  a supposedly lone gunman who bombed central Oslo, and then ran amok at the Norwegian socialist party's movement's annual summer camp, killing 69 people, are too striking to be dismissed.

"We seem to be looking at an American copy-cat version of Norway's Anders Behring Breivik. The same picture of a deranged lone gunman with a vengeance against society: the lone shooter who was nonetheless described by witnesses as having armed accomplices: like Breivik, he survives to tell his tale in court.

"The authorities are already painting the identikit picture of James Holmes, the self-proclaimed 'joker' who strolled into a movie theatre and opened merciless fire in all directions for some confused, purposeless motives."

Mr. Cottrell says that a series of shootings and bombings across Europe form part of an "obviously related"  chain of events.  

* The killing of two Senegalese street vendors in Florence Italy in December 2011 by a supposedly far right extremist.

* The rampage by alleged solo assassin who killed 7 shoppers at a Christmas fair in Liege, Belgium, 201l.

* The murders of three Jewish schoolchildren, a Rabbi and three off-duty servicemen in Toulouse, France, during the recent presidential election campaign

* Bombing of a school in Brindisi, Italy, in May this year, in which a teenage girl died and others were horribly injured

* And the recent bus bombing in Bourgas, Bulgaria, which claimed the lives of the Bulgarian driver and five Israeli tourists, injuring another 32.

"The killers either take their own lives, according to official accounts, or they are shot dead. Those like Breivik are too valuable as a propaganda hostages, so they get their day in court and are then locked away as psychopaths."

Mr Cottrell notes that in every instance there are subliminal political motives: stoking racial tensions, dramatizing anti-Muslim hysteria, distractions from unpopular political policies: inflating 'the war on terror:' raising international tensions: and further culls of civil freedoms.

It is also "more than curious" how actors in these dramas turned out to be closely collected to the police and secret services.  The killer of the fiery anti-immigration Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh as he cycled to work in Amsterdam in November 2004 also fell into this category. He was under 24-hour intelligence scrutiny, abandoned at the last moment.

The young Muslims blamed for blowing up trains on the London underground railway network in June 2005 were under scrutiny by UK intelligence services for months.

The choice of theatre and the premier of an epic Batman movie with a highly suggestive title naturally grabbed worldwide headlines. In America it drums home  the endless 'no-one is safe, anywhere" mantra preached by the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr Cottrell states in his book that Ali Agca, imprisoned for trying to shoot Pope John Paul II, was a member of a Turkish criminal gang (the 'Grey Wolves') regularly hired as contract killers by western intelligence.

"The pay-off will from Aurora (itself an interesting psychological matching of location with intent) will lead inevitably to a more intensive screening of  all theatres and public events with the aim of 'making Americans safe.' In fact  US citizens will dispense with more civil liberties as TSA agents equipped with the latest techno gadgets invade all public events in future. It is perfectly clear, too, that the right to own guns will come into play. The disarming of civilian America is an obvious target as a consequence of Aurora."

"We are seeing a massive extension of synthetic terror organized for political purposes and the dragooning of societies everywhere. This is the message of my book, which I fear has been underlined yet again.

"In the 1970's and 80's Europeans experienced the 'years of lead' associated with secret guerilla forces allied to NATO. 'False flag' atrocities were intended to dramatize to dramatize the non-existent threat of communist infiltration. With recent events in Europe, and now this latest outrage in the United States, we are back in the same territory of synthetically manufactured fear."

"We must conclude that tried and trusted Gladio tactics are still the order of the Strategy of Tension as it was known in former times, designed to intimidate and manipulate ordinary citizens and convince them that the state which is actually behind the commission of

these acts is their ultimate protector."


Gladio: Nato's Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis: Published by Progressive Press, California, USA.


James Cameron, who was in an adjacent theater, said he heard commotion and screaming. People seated around him began coughing and having difficulty breathing.

"By the sound of it, it sounds like there could have been three or four guys shooting," he said.

Oates said there's no evidence of any other attackers. There was also no immediate word of any motive.

On his Linkedin profile Robert Holmes lists a University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. in Statistics from 1981. He currently works for FICO, but also lists working for HNC Software from 2000 to 2002. (HNC Software was acquired by FICO.)

We have a DARPA link in HNC Software.

This is from a 1999 company profile for HNC Software:

HNC Software Inc. is San Diego's largest software company and develops predictive software solutions for business-to-consumer service companies. These solutions allow companies to make more intelligent and profitable decisions and are marketed to industries- including financial, insurance, retail, telecommunications and the Internet.

Like many San Diego-based software companies, HNC Software Inc. traces its origins to the defense industry. When the company was launched in 1986, it focused on defense-related research and development. But over the years as defense budgets shrank not only in San Diego, but nationwide, HNC quickly realized that in order to succeed and grow, other commercial applications had to be found for its products.

But perhaps the most exciting frontier awaiting exploration and commercial development by HNC is in an area that scientists still know very little about: the human brain. HNC is working on a long-term research project launched in 1998 that is jointly funded by HNC and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the U.S. Defense Department, to investigate 'cortronic neural networks,' a concept originally proposed by Robert Hecht-Nielsen, HNC's co-founder and chief scientist.

HNC hopes to develop new capabilities in the areas of textual, aural and visual representation, and to actually build three new predictive, neural-net based systems: one that reads, interprets and searches text more effectively; a second recognizing speech and other sounds, enabling users to perform audio searches; and a third that can scan for and interpret images. The ultimate goal is to integrate all three systems. The net result -- machines that someday might be able to reason like humans.

"This is the most important scientific challenge of our time, and finding the answer will be the adventure of the millennium," says Hecht-Nielsen.